Let’s Talk Makeup Organization


A makeup collection will never look pretty if you don’t have the right organizers. Well if you ask me. Now there are many different organizational pieces you can pick and I know mine will change again down the road but for now this is what I like.

When I first started my makeup collection I would keep them all on my makeshift vanity and on this old shelving unit. Then when I moved to my first apartment after college I took my old desk from home with me and kept a good bit in the drawer within the desk-now vanity. Then my over flow grew and the Muji drawers were bought and I have a good little collection of drawers and other acrylic pieces to store my beauty collection in. Which I keep inside my closet out of sight hahaha. 

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Dear Wednesday

IMG_7631 {Kizzie Klaire Photography}

It is Wednesday and there are plenty of things I could talk to you about and plenty of outfits I could share with you but as always I feel like I am playing catch up somewhere along the lines so today’s post does not have a hidden meaning, an outfit, or a product to share. It is just a post to be a post and to type out as much as I can before I call it a night and finally go wash my face. 

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A Forgotten Day

IMG_7098 {Kizzie Klaire Photography}

Let’s chat this Thursday. As bloggers we all see a little or lot slower days on Thursday. I think it is because it is a kinda forgotten day. And to be honest I always forget to write todays post to the point where I don’t know what to share besides another outfit but I feel like you guys like a little variety.

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