Growing Up


Growing up has taught me so many things! This past weekend I celebrated a beautiful friend of mine and her baby boy on the way! Laura is the most stylish mom to be ever and I know Charlie is going to be one adorable little boy! I have friends and sorority sisters getting engaged left […]

The Beauty of It


The beauty of life is that it is a huge question. A huge mystery. A huge adventure. That is just waiting for you to take it. Working in beauty has introduced me to many things and the most recent was to be FEARLESS. The beauty of it is that letting life be the adventure and […]

What I have Gained

{via The Sweetest Occasion Studio} So the time comes and I realized that I did not write a post for well today. I have also learned many things by giving one thing up in particular. TV. I have given up TV. Like I, we have called the cable company and it is gone. Now we […]

Back to Selma


    {dress: Zara | trench: Ann Taylor | heels: DSW | necklace&bracelets: Madewell | lipstick: Kat Von D L.U.V.} Photos by Alaina Denean Deshazo SO maybe awhile ago I made my way back to Selma to see my bestie and of course she was so sweet enough to take photos. Funny enough this was […]

Fall Everything


I would be lying to all of you and myself and I didn’t say that I am SOOOO ready for Fall Fashion!! I am ready for coats, scarves, layers, long sleeves, boots, leaves falling, pumpkins, my birthday, halloween, EVERYTHING that comes with fall!!! Though it is still stuffy and humid and I die every time […]



It’s Monday and I heard well read well saw on insta some great news!!! If you are a beauty lover but you want to go to Sephora to get all your beauty pieces you will love the news I am about to share with all of YOU!!! BURBERRY is coming to SEPHORA!!! I was so excited […]



Now that I have talked about shelves and going All White, lets talk about those pieces you see in other peoples homes and you think to yourself. Why didn’t I think of that! I love the use of magazines and the bodice in the first outfit. The painted door. I love closets outside of the […]

Decor, And Why I&#..


Décor is a funny thing when you are starting off on your own. It is like the first day you decide to dress yourself. You have to find out who you are. I have learned here and there that I am a lover of antiques but then I also am a lover of clean lines and white décor. I […]

Shelf It

I feel a week of decor bits and bobs being shared on the blog with all of you. I promise I’ll try not to do any repeats from past blog posts but I know I love talking about displays and THAT… could possibly come up again. sorry in advance. So yesterday I talked bout white and gold […]

All White

Home Office Tour | Monika Hibbs Blog

  {via} Ladies and gents I have loved living on my own, own-ish I still have a roommate, BUT I get to dress so many amazing ways and I get to decorate how ever I want. Though I still have a little more of my mom’s decor style in my decor but the more and […]



I have fallen head over heels for sunnies lately and the worst part I haven’t been able to add any amazing pieces to my collection lately. But my list has gotten longer! Especially after I saw one of my fave blogger Krista from Covering the Bases YouTube video of her Collection and amazing sunnie organizers which […]



As I find myself cleaning up my apartment and learning a bunch about myself and my roommate. {1} we have been small pack rats here and there {2} our styles are very different and have always been very different {3} you all can see a style change not only in fashion but also in decor. […]

Hot Products


I have not sat down and chatted about makeup and beauty with you guys in a long time. And the fact that I am surrounded by makeup and skincare on a daily bases could be the reason why. Now I love seeing what is new and improved in my favorite makeup brands but what is […]

Sincerely Colorful


So see something similar here? Yes you do I am rocking the same colorful and playful top from Sincerely Mary once again. But today I am bringing it to you in a more dressed outfit. I wanted to show you guys that this colorful top can be worn many ways! And though I may have […]

Sincerely Mary


Ladies and gents my hair is short and done!! You can thank my bestie Jessica for that because she woke up early on this day to curl my hair because I am still a new-be when it comes to all things hair. But a fun curly hair do was needed with this new fun colorful I […]

stripes and More s..


{tank: Old Navy | pants: Old Navy | jacket: TJMaxx | shoes: J.Crew Factory | sunnies: Ray-Bans from Brother | necklace: TopShop} I thought I shared all my long hair outfits but I stumbled across this one when I finally sat down and wrote a blog post. I have slipped through the cracks lately on […]

Decor Dumb


{photo via Lonny and My Domaine} So as some of you may have read I am in a no-buy for about 50 more days and while everything fashion and beauty related are off limits, a few decor and storage pieces that our living room and my room has needed. I did grab a lamp shade […]

Blue on Blue


{top: Impeccable Pig | dress: Old Navy ON SALE!! | heels: Steve Madden | hat: Marley Lilly | puppy: Hershey | earrings: Margaret Elizabeth via Rocksbox “One Month FREE with inaworldofbeesxoxo”} I hope everyone has recovered from Monday as I start my real Monday today as I head to work, because Monday was my off […]

Summer Midi

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{top: Old Navy | skirt: Banana Republic | heels: Shopbop – Joe Jeans | clutch: Gigi New York | sunnies: thrifted} Photos by Tosha Gaines Though the heat is defiantly here in Alabama I wore this lovely midi that is a little too thick to be wearing in the winter. This week has been filled […]

So Ridiculously


{all photos from the Who.What.Wear. post} If you don’t follow who. what. wear. you need to right now. I always find it as my go to hot spot for fashion and style. I have found myself in a little not fashion rut but in a fashion bump or move or jump whatever you want to […]

That Thrifted Skir..


{top: Banana Republic | skirt: Thrift | purse: Rebecca Minkoff | heels: TJMaxx | necklace: Target} Photos by: Jenn Davis Happy monday, as you can tell with the lack of links and me updating this 9 hours after it has been published I am very busy right now and this was already scheduled for all […]

My Style-spiration


{All photos via Pinterest}  



{dress jacket: Vintage | dress: Old Navy On Sale!!! | shoes: | earrings: Kendra Scott | | necklace: 9th and Elm | sunnies: Stole from Photographer} Photos by Jenn Davis I love exploring Bham with my friend and photographer Jenn she always has cool places around that I have never seen before because well I […]

Pose for a Book Co..


{top: H&M | skirt: Vintage | shoes: Joe Jeans | sunnies: TJMaxx | lippies: Red Lip} So this look made me and Madison think that I should have been on the back of a book cover, hence the folded arm poses. Now some might say that Brooke this outfit is not the most flattering on […]

Going Highend


The more I play with makeup the more I learn to invest in my makeup, skincare, and my fragrance. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good drugstore find I have a few in my collection still, though my high end pieces have certainly increased since my graduation of college and living on my […]



Do you remember when I talked about the amazing company Tribe&Glory? Well here I am styling the amazing pieces that the lovely women behind Tribe&Glory made! I love how colorful the necklaces are and all together they make an AMAZING statement!!! My favorite if I had to pick one would be the long two-toned blue one! Because […]



Where have I been all week you ask? Well I have no answer besides well I just didn’t plan ahead and was a really really bad blogger. I know shame on me. But I spent two days in Montgomery which meant kinda half assed but fun photos with my sister! But with a change of […]

I see Seashells

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{dress | shoes | jacket | sunnies} Photos by Tosha Gaines ‘She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore’ I have found amazing things at Old Navy for months. We all saw my little chambray denim dress I wore at easter but now I have it in a black and white seashell dress and I […]

Kate Spade+ Bham B..


{ All photos by the amazing Beth from Beth Cakes} I love being a part of an amazing group that not only has a bunch of men and women who I can sit and talk about something with, and it is always blogging related. I loved seeing everyone at Kate Spade it was fun and […]

Flora Shorts


  Flora shorts for everyone!! If you haven’t tried on these high waisted flow-y shorts from Old Navy you are missing out! These shorts are so amazing I had to turn around and buy them! Plus I love that they are Navy and have a little more colorful! Still trying to add more colors and […]



{Photos By Leeann Funk} Tribe & Glory’s Mission Statement “Tribe + Glory is the jewelry line hand-crafted by artisans in the women’s empowerment program of Empower a Child. We work to provide active measures of hope and opportunity for entire community transformation.” I stumbled upon Tribe and Glory on Instagram somehow and then I was lucky […]

Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty

I am head over heels about this company. If you knew what this company was about you would be too! So I am going to share with you why I love it. Bite Beauty is a company made by an amazing strong women who wanted you and me to ingest something that was natural. Because […]



{dress | jeans | heels | sunnies ~ stole from sister } Photos by Maddie I have now rocked this dress from the always amazing Zara three ways, and none of them were wearing it as a basic dress so you can technically wear it four ways. I am in true love with this outfit […]

Bishop Arts + Blog..


{dress | skirt | shoes | purse | sunnies | lips | necklace ~ vintage | earrings} Photos by Maddie As I spent my days in Texas my 5th Blogiversary arrived and I asked to celebrate and my fan jam took me to the Bishop Arts District. Tp say that I fell more in love […]

When in Texas


{top | dress | shoes | purse | sunnies | necklace | bracelet | lips} Photos By Maddie I had so much fun in Texas I kinda didn’t want to come back.  I had a blast surprising my step sister the day of her graduation then saw my other step sister dance in her recital and […]

White Dress


  {dress | shoes | jackets | necklace | glasses | purses | lips} Photos by Liz Originally when I was deciding what to wear when my blog turned 5 it included a fun sparkly skirt but the color of the skirt and the color of the balloon were not friends therefore this white dress […]