“Uh, can you repeat the question?”

[Kizzie Klaire photography]

I have a thing about how people talk to other people. Not just on those days where people are being sensitive or touchy or maybe I do mean on those days. Regardless I still do not like it. I wish people would think before they speak. Like my math teacher in high school said think twice act once. I know a good number of people out there are brash-harsh-blunt-snappy but sometimes I find those to be excuses for them just being an ass.

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“Fairy tales are real? Oy, I think I’m gonna cough up a fur ball.”

[Kizzie Klaire Photography]

I am ALL and I mean ALL about splurging in accessories so for my last post before the Shopbop sale is over. Don’t cry because its over smile because it happened and our closets are ready for spring. Back to what I was saying. For my last post I went through and just found all the accessories that kinda caught my eye for spring and summer.

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