Where have I been all week you ask? Well I have no answer besides well I just didn’t plan ahead and was a really really bad blogger. I know shame on me. But I spent two days in Montgomery which meant kinda half assed but fun photos with my sister! But with a change of […]

I see Seashells

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{dress | shoes | jacket | sunnies} Photos by Tosha Gaines ‘She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore’ I have found amazing things at Old Navy for months. We all saw my little chambray denim dress I wore at easter but now I have it in a black and white seashell dress and I […]

Kate Spade+ Bham B..


{ All photos by the amazing Beth from Beth Cakes} I love being a part of an amazing group that not only has a bunch of men and women who I can sit and talk about something with, and it is always blogging related. I loved seeing everyone at Kate Spade it was fun and […]

Flora Shorts


  Flora shorts for everyone!! If you haven’t tried on these high waisted flow-y shorts from Old Navy you are missing out! These shorts are so amazing I had to turn around and buy them! Plus I love that they are Navy and have a little more colorful! Still trying to add more colors and […]



{Photos By Leeann Funk} Tribe & Glory’s Mission Statement “Tribe + Glory is the jewelry line hand-crafted by artisans in the women’s empowerment program of Empower a Child. We work to provide active measures of hope and opportunity for entire community transformation.” I stumbled upon Tribe and Glory on Instagram somehow and then I was lucky […]

Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty

I am head over heels about this company. If you knew what this company was about you would be too! So I am going to share with you why I love it. Bite Beauty is a company made by an amazing strong women who wanted you and me to ingest something that was natural. Because […]



{dress | jeans | heels | sunnies ~ stole from sister } Photos by Maddie I have now rocked this dress from the always amazing Zara three ways, and none of them were wearing it as a basic dress so you can technically wear it four ways. I am in true love with this outfit […]

Bishop Arts + Blog..


{dress | skirt | shoes | purse | sunnies | lips | necklace ~ vintage | earrings} Photos by Maddie As I spent my days in Texas my 5th Blogiversary arrived and I asked to celebrate and my fan jam took me to the Bishop Arts District. Tp say that I fell more in love […]

When in Texas


{top | dress | shoes | purse | sunnies | necklace | bracelet | lips} Photos By Maddie I had so much fun in Texas I kinda didn’t want to come back.  I had a blast surprising my step sister the day of her graduation then saw my other step sister dance in her recital and […]

White Dress


  {dress | shoes | jackets | necklace | glasses | purses | lips} Photos by Liz Originally when I was deciding what to wear when my blog turned 5 it included a fun sparkly skirt but the color of the skirt and the color of the balloon were not friends therefore this white dress […]

Balloons are Fun


This balloon was a pain in my butt for the shoot and Liz can attest to that. However, the photos still came out really good. I just had to share some of the outtakes because they are kinda funny! I also am kinda in love with the outfit which I will show you my actual […]

The #5


It has happened. In a World of Bees, There’s Me has been a part of my life for 5 years. That may come as a shock to some of you because well for the first couple of years the blog was very very different and very lackluster. If I am honest with all of you. […]

10 Things


  {photo by Jenn Davis} {1.} I am a movie fanatic. I would rather watch movies somedays more than TV. I also love owning DVD’s I know that they are going out of style especially with Netflix and Amazon out there. {2.} I could eat Mexican all day everyday. Even though I am lactose intolerant. […]

Only a Carryon

travel with a carryon

{via} As I get up super early to go somewhere very special today I grabbed my ‘personal bag’ an oversized purse or bag and then a carryon, no checked bag. Why do I travel in only a carryon you ask? Well, it helps me make sure not to overpack, I can’t over spend where I […]

Watercolor for Day..


  {top | jeans | sandals | sunnies | necklaces 1&2 | lips} Photos by Tosha Gaines Somedays colors come natural to me, but it rarely happens. But these Ralph Lauren watercolor print have been some of my favorite pants and are very colorful! Here is me rocking it a little different.

Jean Jacket


The jacket that you all need! A Jean Jacket. You also don’t have to spend a fortune on a jean jacket when places like Old Navy makes them beautifully and chic. Jean jackets are perfect for all ages, all sizes, and all styles. The preppy and goth styles can both incorporate a jean jacket into […]

Palm on Over


  {jumpsuit | wedges | sleeveless trench | necklace | bracelets | lips} Photos by Tosha Gaines Yes ladies and gents I scored a piece of the Lilly for Target pieces and it was by chance and recently I scored another piece by a huge chance! AND I am working with a new local photographer! […]

Red, White, and Ol..


Happy Memorial Day!!! I am here for you this Monday to showcase my Americana outfit from Old Navy and to wish you and all military active, retired, and families a Happy Memorial Day! It is hard sometimes to wear red, white, and blue and sometimes it is hard to find a jumpsuit in chambray that […]

Old Navy


The best thing happened! I got to style new pieces at Old Navy at The Summit. Because I know you can find amazing pieces at amazing prices and still look FABULOUS! Not only do they have great pieces now and coming this summer but they have great deals going on RIGHT now and Tomorrow! There is […]

Always Add a Third..


I was reading this post on Who.What.Wear which if you did not know is my favorite fashion site of all time, about the 3 Universal Style Tips that Will Make you Seem more Fashionable. The third tip was the one that stood out to me the most because I actually know that I do that, […]

Wait! Is that Colo..


{skirt: Loft | top: Target | necklace ~ handmade | shoes: Lucky Brand | lip cream: Sephora Collection | sunnies:TJMaxx} This weather has me like! COLOR!!! I have been kinda loving the weather right now and that mean’s that I am kinda well playing with my clothes and some how and somewhere color came into […]

Hide Out

{via} The sun and me are not huge friends. I find myself wearing pants all year round besides of course skirts and dresses, and of course covering my arms as much as possible. You can ask my roommate she complains about it when I pick out outfits especially for my blog! I am not huge […]

My Friday Post

My Friday Post {5.15.15}

Somedays I sit at my computer and wonder if I should do a cliché Friday ’roundup’ post, but I don’t find myself wondering the internet for that much info to share with all of you like other bloggers do. Yeah I find a good deal here and there and a video I like so much […]

My Past Time


I have found myself doing something different with my past time lately which is a very good habit compared to my old habit. I was and still am from time to time notorious for online shopping every time I get on to my laptop. Which being a blogger can be a great thing but being on […]

The Factory and Th..


{jacket c/o | top | jeans | heels | earrings | lipstick} Now friends if I told you where I got this amazing jacket from it would surprise you, I scored it at America’s Thrift Store. You will be surprised what you can find at your local thrift store especially if you base it on […]

Blushing is the co..


If I had to pick another category that I could add to every time I am in Sephora besides lipsticks because we all know I have plenty, it would be my blush collection. So let me tell you finding a new color is almost like winning the lottery, though I already know what I am getting […]

That’s an Of..


I am a huge workplace person so when I stumbled upon WeWork it got me thinking, How important is a work space. My answer. It is extremely important! WeWork is all about cowering spaces with benefits and my favorite part a whole lot of support! I wish there was one closer to me but instead […]

Old Navy Stripes


{jacket | dress | booties | sunnies | earrings | lippies} I have a lot going on right now and though I look all put together on here with my outfits and seem all bubbly. I have been through some big adult big kid things lately. I have had mistakes that I had to clean […]



Monday MAC Makeup


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I spent my entire weekend working and playing with a bunch of makeup. I hope you all are ready to tackle this Week!! And I am going to call today Monday MAC Makeup because below is a few lovely shades of MAC lipsticks you […]

Long Jacket


{top | jacket c/o | jeans | shoes | purse | earrings | lipstick} Today well yesterday when these were taken was a day filled with way too many outfits and a bunch of photos and a kinda over tanned face going on. I had so much fun with Alicia from Between the Pearls taking photos of […]

Life Update


So the outfit posts are kinda slacking but I have plenty of photos from Instagram and well just my good ol outdated iPhone to share with all of you this Thursday but don’t worry I narrowed it down to just a few!!!  This is how I travel in my car with everything is right next to […]

SALE!!! Read all A..


I had a meeting today for something that will soon be coming up on the blog and I am beyond excited about the opportunity and I wish I could tell you lovelies however I am going to keep it to myself until the first post! But we got to talking about being able to find […]