Homer Spit Alaska

007 Happy Monday everyone! This past week has been a whirlwind! If you follow me on snapchat @inaworldofbees and on instagram @inaworldofbees you would have seen some of the things I did while up in NYC during Fashion Week, though by the time you are reading this another week has passed by. I kept fashion week kinda quite compared to the schedules of many other bloggers but seeing as this was also another vacation for me I thought it was a good idea and I am very happy that I made that decision. 016

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Desk It

IMG_7612 {Kizzie Klaire Photography}

Somethings in life are a little strange like how we spend our entire life at a desk wishing we were not there and ending up at a desk for the rest of time. But now we get to decorate our desk how ever we want and we get to choose the desk that we want. This desk kinda chose me. I found it at the Worlds Longest Flea Market back in sophomore year of college and when it came to my apartment after college the desk got a little huge upgrade. It got a little paint and some pretty new knobs.

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Bye Bye Skincare

IMG_0259 {Kizzie Klaire Photograpy}

Now don’t let the title fool you I am not stopping my skincare routine. I am more on the line of saying good bye to the pieces I will not and should not use.

I am a girl who never had any issues with her skin until she hit college and I am also that girl who didn’t do anything about it until she graduated college and started working in the beauty industry. I know have a wonderful Dermatologist who I can go see when needed and I have yearly checkups with her now, after having closer appointments in the beginning. I also love that my Dermatologist was very open to taking care of my issues the way I wanted to. Which leads me to why I was at the Dermatologist. I have acne. Not awful but it got to the point where everything I tried only helped for a little bit. I needed something stronger. So after a very good friend of mine suggest her Dermatologist I was hooked. For once all the guess work was gone and the pimples were soon gone too. I suggest everyone to have a Dermatologist to go to for any skin concerns.

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