“‘Kurt, how are you?’ ‘Hungry.'”

{photo by Kizzie Klaire Photography}

10 random facts about me

  1. I’m a huge movie person. Besides makeup and shoes I collect movies. The number of movies I have bought within the last month has been crazy, and the number of movies on my christmas list is even crazier. I have Netflix and I still love buying DVDs. My favorites are the oldies though.
  2. I’m kinda a huge sports fan, bigger than the last time I said I was. If you would have told me this is how I was going to be after college I would have laughed, LAUGHED at you. I mean like I know about what is going on in the college football world mainly when it comes to the SEC and Alabama. I am still uneasy about this whole Kirby Smart and Scott Cochran leaving us. I will feel better after the boys play on the field Saturday.
  3. I hate my hands. I think they are shirt and chubby. I also can never seem to let my nails grow and that does not help with the look of my hands.
  4. I don’t like anything with a fizz in them. That means no soda, no beer, no champagne, nothing. Absolutely nothing with FIZZ. I hate it.
  5. I am an organized freak. I had way too much fun organizing my nails and screws in an old bead box the other day. Shannon thought I was crazy. I also like reorganizing over and over until I find the most perfect way.
  6. The most bought things in my wardrobe are shoes and lipsticks. My shoes are in double digits. My lipsticks are in double triple digits. Trust me they are all DIFFERENT.
  7. I feel like I have become a tad materialistic and I really want to fix it so I do a clean out almost every other week it feels like.
  8. I keep a bunch of things to myself, and either they a) make me blow up or b) break down. It isn’t always a pretty picture but when people say don’t bottle things up maybe you should listen to them.
  9. When I couldn’t buy fashion or makeup I bought a lot of decor though I am not 100% sure if they all go together I still love buying them. Shannon is always noticing a new piece in the apartment. My favorite piece I bought was this all what geometric giraffe.
  10. Lastly, which I cannot remember if I have mentioned it our not. Though I don’t know everything there is to know about technology I am very much drawn to it. I love knowing how to work things and fix them. And though I may have mentioned this it was something Shannon brought up when I was talking to her about the post and I also have my laptop on obviously my phone, an old phone, an old iPod, my TV, a Chrome Cast, and even a cooling fan for my laptop. Tech Nerd or what?

I hope you guys liked learning a little more about me. I found it fitting to share another post like this with you guys because well I like writing them and I had a few of them just sitting in a draft waiting to be shared also with everything going on with College Football I felt it was time to share in case you all follow me on Twitter because I have been chatting about sports lately.  Well, enough rambling and Happy Thursday to all of you!!! We are that much closer to the weekend! And I actually get this Saturday OFF!


“‘Kurt, how are you?’ ‘Hungry.'” – The Sound of Music, 1965


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