10 Things



{photo by Jenn Davis}

{1.} I am a movie fanatic. I would rather watch movies somedays more than TV. I also love owning DVD’s I know that they are going out of style especially with Netflix and Amazon out there.

{2.} I could eat Mexican all day everyday. Even though I am lactose intolerant. I always order beef soft tacos and queso dip.

{3.} I was a ballerina for about 14 years until I had to have surgery on my left ankle.

{4.} I have a thing for artwork and chairs, which I got for my mom. I see myself having a house filled with chairs and artworks up and down the walls.

{5.} I make a point to buy a mug everywhere I have been, therefore my mug collection is bigger than my foundation and eyeliner collections. Even my lip liner collection!

{6.} You would never guess the conversations that me and my roommate get into. She also thinks that I am the only person on the planet that knows certain things which as always she can not speak on behalf of the planet because the child has only lived in Alabama.


{7.} I am a huge animal person, if I could rescue all the animals I see I would.

{8.} I am technology nerd. If I had known how much I loved technology I might have thought about majoring in something to do with technology. I wish I had learned to code though college would have been much harder.

{9.} I am a huge sports fan, I will watch everything from baseball to hockey. I love football especially Bama. Roll Tide. haha. Don’t worry I’m not one of those obnoxious fans. I do love some NHL and NFL.

{10.} I am ready to move to another state. Maybe it is the military brat in me but I am done with Alabama though don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed my time here. But the more I look at my life on a day to day basis I feel I need to go live somewhere else for some time.


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  • CUTE post… fun facts about you! I am totally into Mexican too… but pizza would be my “all day everyday” food! xx, Karen // Glam Karen

    • Brooke Ellen

      Oh pizza is the best! It’s my go to lazy food!!

  • Loved learning a bit more about you! xx

  • Love this! Learned so much about you!! <3
    Amanda | http://www.TheChambrayBunny.com

  • Darcy

    I could eat mexican all day every day too. My FAVORITE!!

    • Brooke Ellen

      I know especially queso! I always have to order queso!!


  • move to Texas 🙂 haha or I guess somewhere near the ocean! I loved getting to know a little about you!!
    xoxo Amanda

    The Miller Affect

    • Brooke Ellen

      I have actually thought about Texas! Because I have family in Dallas and I am actually there as I type this!
      But I do love the beach as well! Thanks for the love!


  • We have so many things in common! I am definitely an animal person all day and I watch endless movies over TV any day! 🙂 XO


  • I LOVE mexican food too! And I am the same way about mugs!! Love knowing more about you 🙂
    Southern Elle Style

  • Hmm…#10…I think you should move to Florida 🙂

  • I love reading fun fact posts about bloggers! If you move anywhere, move to Texas! There is so much to do!


    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  • My husband and I literally eat Mexican food WAY too much! I am low-key obsessed with queso! I am also a big sports fan as well! (Go Hogs! ❤️) haha loved learning more about you!


  • maeamor

    How fun!! In learning about you, I’ve learned that we’re similar – especially 4,5, and 7. I LOVE chairs and my house IS filled with them. And I collect mugs (usually antique or vintage ones).

    Such a cute post!

    xo, Mae // Mae Amor

  • Mary

    So cute! Love #2 – girl, you and me both!! Andy.morley@aon.co.uk – Charity Cabaret Evening – Christie’s Charity – Two tickets

    • Mary

      Sorry – I didn’t mean to copy and past that info in there 🙂

  • You are adorable!! I LOVE mexican food too! With a delicious margarita! Yum!

  • So fun to learn more about you!! I, too, have a thing for buying a mug everywhere!! I am running out of space!!

    xo, Christina

    Fitness & Frills

  • OK so a couple of things we have in common – I love Mexican food too but I get really bad stomach aches from it; but yet, I still eat it AND I broke my left ankle too and have never been the same since then (still in pain after 3 surgeries!)

    What a fun read. Thank you for sharing! Loved getting to know you a little more!

    À LA PLAGE style

  • #2!!! I love mexican food, AND I have a dairy allergy (not intolerant). And #10, you should move to California. 😉

    jessica / http://www.teamwiking.com

  • We have so much in common! I love Mexican food (now I want it), my husband is in the military so I know the move feeling, and I love movies. Sometimes my husband and I strictly talk in movie quotes and people get so annoying 😉

  • elleseesyou

    loved learning more about ya!

  • this was a fun post!! i totally love mexican food too. id eat it every day if i could

    xoxo, Elena Michelle