101 in 1001

InaWorldofBees,There'sMe | 101 in 1001
{Started May 31, 2013}
{End February 26, 2016}

{34 down, 67 to go!}

  1. Come up with 101 Things (May 2013)
  2. Go to a spa with my mom and sister
  3. Throw a surprise party
  4. Take a cooking lesson (baking would be best)
  5. Go to the longest flea market and the widest yard sale
  6. Do someone else’s makeup (July 2013, not exactly what I was thinking but it counts, right)
  7. Try five new foods {1) Sushi – crunchy shrimp roll with Nikki at Kobe | 2) Onion Rings from BPhils}
  8. Attend one show at fashion week, any fashion week
  9. Revamp 10 flea market/antique store finds
  10. Go to a Broadway play in New York
  11. Go see New York City ballet
  12. See a Balanchine Ballet
  13. Meet another style blogger Her name is Chandler and she writes Shotguns and Seashells and I even took photos for her blog and she is featured in our yearbook!
  14. Upgrade my blog DONE
  15. Customize my theme DONE
  16. Be able to upload videos to my blog DONE
  17. Spend Fat Tuesday in Mobile!
  18. Experience 10 new restaurants { 1) Tacogi | 2) Shrimp Basket in Montgomery | 3) Urban Cookhouse | 4) Cantina’s | 5) Cuz Lee 6) Slice 7) Vecchia Pizzeria & Mercato 8) MELT }
  19. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
  20. Go to all 50 states {18 out of 50: Alabama (live here), Oklahoma (born here 1991), Georgia (1998), Florida (1996), Louisiana (2003), Virginia (2001), Texas (latest trip: December 2012), Mississippi (summer 2005), Colorado, Arizona, California, Maryland (May 2012), Pennsylvania (Just me and mom), New Mexico, Tennessee, New York (2012), South Carolina (Summer 2012), Illinois (June 2013 just me)}
  21. Travel somewhere out of North America Again
  22. Own a piece of vintage Chanel
  23. Visit a new town on your own
  24. Set up a workout routine that you will follow
  25. Throw a dinner party
  26. Go on a spontaneous road trip DONE
  27. Invest in a classic and grown-up hand bag
  28. See a historical landmark that I have not seen before DONE
  29. Full purge of everything when I move next
  30. Do a collaboration with another blogger
  31. Do a fashion Photo shoot DONE
  32. Contribute to another blog
  33. Spend one full day with my Sister
  34. Spend one full day with my brother, doing what he likes
  35. Take my brother to a major league baseball games just the two of us
  36. Take photos at a wedding I will be in MAY!! I am so freaking nervous
  37. Graduate college May 3rd from the University of Alabama
  38. Take photos with an old film camera
  39. Meet one of the London Beauty YouTubers I follow
  40. Have my own apartment
  41. Have someone frame my artwork in their houseHolly of hollysayshey she framed my watercolor lipstick [3 weeks ago]
  42. Reupholster the wing back chair in my apartment, it originally was my parents I took it to college with me
  43. Basic Business cards for me, not my jewelry and not photography just me
  44. Subscribe to more magazines Ironically I canceled all of them for right now!
  45. Go somewhere on your own just walk around take photos of the city
  46. Buy my mom something just because
  47. Get a puppy!
  48. Die my hair!
  49. See American Ballet Theatre Perform
  50. Run the Disney Princess Run
  51. Go to Six Flags  (October 2013 with my sorority sisters! I rode 8 roller coasters! Happy 22nd to me!)
  52. Complete your Apple collection, Mac Desktop and an iPad maybe
  53. Feature other people’s style on your blog (started with my little sister!)
  54. Get in the habit of posting OOTD posts (My Style)
  55. More traveling Posts!
  56. Read 10 new books {1) Seeking Love.Finding Overalls. | }
  57. Make a 100 fashion items list of my own
  58. Make a 100 list of makeup/beauty/hair/skincare items
  59. Apply for something just because it looks like something you would enjoy DONE
  60. Makeup photo shoot (June and July 2013)
  61. Inspire someone else to write 101 in 1001 (Kimberly from Simple Suits Me)
  62. Make 10 new dishes { 1. Created a Breakfast Pizza | 2. Chili Pie | 3. Chicken Sliders or Chicken Biscuits | 4. Chicken Salsa | 5. Taco Casserole | 6. Stuffed Taco Shells}
  63. Have a big name blogger wear a piece of my jewelry
  64. Frame a piece of my art and hang it in my apartment DONE
  65. Do a decor series on my blog of my apartment
  66. Be featured on someone else’s blog
  67. Try 10 new outfit looks {1. Peplum on a fuller skirt | 2. Mixing Colors | 3. All White | 4. }
  68. Transform 5 thrift store finds
  69. Be in New York when the ball drops on New Years Eve
  70. Pick up and move to a different city (I am counting my recent move 2014)
  71. Go on a free for all shopping trip (of course plan ahead) buy whatever you want no hesitation DONE. 
  72. Do a giveaway on my blog and YouTube channel
  73. Style someone (my sorority sister for a interview)
  74. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  75. Take a Photography Class (October 2014)
  76. Find a simple everyday makeup routine (Done and Done)
  77. Send 50 handwritten notes
  78. Work for one of my dream companies DONE
  79. Take photos for someone else’s blog I took an OOTD post for Chandler of Shotguns and Seashells!
  80. Clean up my laptop DONE
  81. Take ten items and make as many looks out of them as possible
  82. Support one of your friends with something they really want to do I helped Kizzie start her blog?!
  83. For one month buy nothing new: besides food or emergencies I did it for 30 days and then 100 days!!!
  84. Clean and Organize my crafts I even cleaned them out!!!
  85. Find 10 new restaurants
  86. Invest in a pair of shoes
  87. Invest in a wardrobe staple
  88. See 5 Audrey Hepburn films
  89. Find the career I am suppose to have
  90. Purchase personalized stationary My aunt gave me some!!!
  91. Go on a trip with my sister
  92. Spend a weekend with no technology
  93. Go on a spontaneous day trip
  94. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry
  95. Eat at a food truck
  96. Start a Week in Review on my Blog (First one June 2013)
  97. Style Inspiration board for a closet  DONE
  98. Possibilities book (update from the 25 things before I turn 25, if I did it)
  99. See a musical
  100. Save $10 for each item I complete, Donate $5 for each one you do not complete
  101. Throw a celebration for completing your list!