Always Add a Third Piece

I was reading this post on Who.What.Wear which if you did not know is my favorite fashion site of all time, about the 3 Universal Style Tips that Will Make you Seem more Fashionable. The third tip was the one that stood out to me the most because I actually know that I do that, majority of the time, and my roomie has kinda gotten on to me about it. The tip is to, always add a third piece.

“The best outfits have a bit of complexity to them, and one of the easiest ways to ensure your outfit fits the bill is to make sure your look has at least three pieces not including your shoes. Your pants and top are your first and second pieces, and your third piece is an extra outfit element such as a jacket, blazer, sweater, vest or statement accessory. Read more about the three-piece theory here. . .”


Pop of Pink {inaworldofbees}

As you can clearly see my go to third piece and Shannon would agree 1000000% is a jacket of some sort. I really want to play with hats at some point. I go to jackets because you can always change the feel of any outfit with a different jacket like a leather jacket or my favorite sleeveless trench. I also feel like I may go past three a few times but it is what it is.

But the whole idea behind the tip of always dressing in threes is the idea of adding something something extra that makes your outfit more interesting and to some people more stylish. Adding that third piece makes the eye more interested in what it is seeing. When it comes to your third piece it has nothing to do with the basics, your top, pants, and your shoes do not count as the third piece. Jackets, vests, hats, scarves, you name that extra layer piece that is the third piece that will add something interesting to your look. That will take any outfit from yeah cute to wow I love your look!

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