” ‘He has a five year plan.’ ‘What is it? “Don’t die”?’ “

It’s Friday and all I want to do is play dress up but all I will be doing is working. I have to talk about these photos because Alaina and I, as you can see, had some interested neighbors! They were so cute we spent way too long petting them because well they let us. I love all animals but I have always had a special love for horses. When I was little I wanted to ride horses but one of them ran me into some tree branches and I was done. Looking back at it I wish I had more gumption and stuck with it.

I scored this sweater (months ago) on a shopbop sale because well the fringe won my heart over. I love everything about it. The thickness, fringe detail, and the color. I have a love for all sweaters and I hate that I have to pack them up because the heat has come in the south. You know the weather is changing when the word sever storms and tornados get thrown around. 

[Alaina Denean Deshazo Photography]

” ‘He has a five year plan.’ ‘What is it? “Don’t die”?’ ” – Big Daddy, 1999

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