“Come on, I’m getting old. Let’s find some gold!”


Thank you oh so much nikki for waking up early after a night out to snap these photos because they turned out so stinking good!

I grabbed a bunch of outfits to try to style while at the beach. Some I did as you would have seen some by now and some I did not. That is the hardest part about being a blogger to me is that I want to share ALL of my ideas and outfits but there isn’t enough time in a day to share and post and think of all of them. However, I am trying to show more and more. As many as I can and all the ones that I really want to.

This outfit I have been wanting to share for months it feels like. I didn’t share it because well I had this perfect outfit planned but I cut my hair and that plan was also cut. So here I was at the beach with the newest addition to my closet, this amazing straw hat, and I decided to wear the outfit. I scored this set at the Love Lady Thrift in Birmingham and I was head over heels I could fit into it. It is amazing! Mix in the beach and my hat and we found ourselves some gold!

“Come on, I’m getting old. Let’s find some gold!” – Fool’s Gold, 2008



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