The One Hundred: 22 Converse

SO I am really excited to talk about this next item because well it is shoes!!!!! Everyone should have a pair of Converse in their closet!

These sneakers they are the “cool” kid sneakers (not Catholic cool! hahahaha) These sneakers make your outfit look laid back and make your outfit feel less forced together and that you threw it together last minute. Many models wear these sneaks when they are going to and from shoots.  It is an easy shoe to wear everyday that you do not have to worry about if you get them dirty because all you are doing is adding character! These shoes  can also go with just about anything from sweats to skinny jeans and still give that vibe of the kick-back style.

I was just about to share with ya’ll the historical facts of converse about how they were first made as a basketball shoe….. but most of you already know that. SO on to the fun fact about Converse! Did you know that about 60% of all American’s owned a pair of Converse in their life time! Crazy right! The high top Converse got their name Chuck Taylors because in 1918 a high school basketball star began wearing them and lent his name to the sneakers! (if you already knew that well good for you I just learned about it today)

SO what kind of Converse do you have?!



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