{25 Days of Christmas}

Day 11: Party Skirt25 Days of Christmas {Day 11: Party Skirt} by Kizzie Klaire Photography

“Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.”
~ It’s a Wonderful Life

I love a great skirt and I love a reason to wear a great skirt. Now that the holidays are here there parties are here. So lets grab our favorite skirt and go from there! This little number is from Verson and it is just amazing! I love a good scuba skirt, they add something extra to an outfit! Heck I like any skirt that is a step up from a school girl skirt.

There is something about wearing a skirt to a party that adds either fun, sophistication, sparkle, uniqueness, and the list goes on! So grab your skirt that makes you want to dance and head to those fun parties!!

{Kizzie Klaire Photography}


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