25 Things About Me

Well I just had to share more about my self…. enjoy?

  1. I have lived in 6 different states, 7 different cities, and about 10 different houses and apartments not including when I went to college
  2. I have five siblings. A full sister and brother, a half-sister, and two step sisters
  3. I danced since the age of 3 to my senior year of high school (minus 1 year junior year surgery)
  4. Mexican food is my favorite though I am lactose intolerant
  5. I truly do not have a favorite color but if I had to pick one it would be a light minty blue as of now
  6. I LOVE roller coasters
  7. I love having a pet dogs or cats. Mainly puppies!
  8. I stunted the growth of my feet and toes ~ they really are a size 6-61/2 but I wear a size 7 sometimes a 7 1/2
  9. I have never broken a bone in my body but I have had surgery
  10. I say or write ‘the aspect of’ at least once a day ~ my roommate pointed that out
  11. When I get stressed I get very snippy and I have a tiny attitude so be aware now
  12. I am a happy person when I get up in the morning no matter how much sleep I get
  13. I wear too much dark colors
  14. I love winter trends ~ if it could be cold enough every day to wear layers I would be a happy camper
  15. The first product of makeup I started ‘collecting’ would be nail polish – I have a good large collection
  16. I actually have a bunch of tumblrs like 5 so you could call me a blog nerd because I actually like sitting and creating them it is a hobby of mine so if you want one hit me up I will make one for you
  17. I teach myself half of the things I know about technology, blogs, fashion, and makeup
  18. I am a person that works well when she has a little too much work on her plate, I learn to prioritize and schedule really well. But if you give me a long time I will wait till the last minute.
  19. I am a really emotional person and though I may not show it I take a lot of things to heart my mom says it’s the artist side of me
  20. I love taking photos and all the work that goes behind a photo shoot ~ I could see myself doing shoots forever
  21. I am a history buff when it comes to historical sites, I will ask to go to anything history related in any state I am visiting
  22. I am kinda a hoarder…. It is not so bad that I should be on the show but I keep a lot of things
  23. I have a bunch of hobbies that I jump back and forth between: jewelry making, painting, baking
  24. I love to break fashion myths! My favorite is wearing white after labor day and I never take off 1 piece of jewelry on my way out of the house I may actually add one.
  25. I love to be kinda a ‘mother’ figure (weird I know); I love to help people with anything. It kinda makes me feel important. I have always been called momma Brooke by younger dancers and some of my younger sorority sisters

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