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14102634_10153741295520986_1197046548913765830_n{Alaina Denean Deshazo Photography}

You would never believe, okay maybe you would, if I told you my trip to Alaksa took three days to plan and it came out of left field or out of the west coast? The entire trip started with a text message from my bestie Alaina asking if I wanted to ever go to Alaska, I said yes I would love to go. Then the next thing we knew I was booking our long flights and taking off work for an actual vacation.14068132_10153741301380986_1730840160949934924_n

Saying Alaska is beautiful is an understatement. Saying Alaska is a trip everyone should take is also an understatement. From  a short trip I can say from the bottom of my heart that everyone needs to see Alaska before they die. It is a beautiful state and the weather is kinda fabulous.

Though the flights and long travel days are kinda nuts once you land in Alaska and walk outside you see the mountains and you stop and forget everything that happened to get you there. Also the cool weather defiantly helped these two hot girls from the south feel even more relaxed. Alaina and I were lucky enough to stay with her cousin while we were there.

We landed in Anchorage then drove to Wasilla which is where her cousin lived, a small town with a blockbuster still in business and they just got a Target. Super cute and super up and coming. We spent one night in there and decided last minute to make the 5 hour drive down to Homer. 5 Hour drive after a day of traveling sounds like it might be much but taking a 5 hour drive. Taking a 5 hour drive in Alaska is something different. You have beautiful scenery the entire trip and you cannot get enough of it. The mountains are all around then you add in beautiful snow and water and you are just speechless. The best part though when we made it to Homer and drove out on to the Homer Spit. The view was priceless, the snowy topped mountains, the ocean, the tiny little fish town, and the cute little shops.

I never thought that I would be one to like a town that had something so small and when you can walk through it in one day. Homer Spit is basically a little penensula where all the fishermen and boats dock at and push off in the morning. With little cafes and shops to see while you walk around. The water is clear, the beach is nothing like the gulf and you just feel at ease while you are there. Oh and the weather was amazing.

We did stay the night on Homer Spit mainly because even though the 5 hour drive was beautiful it takes a lot out of you. At the end of the spit is a sweet hotel called Land’s End and you can get views of the gorgeous mountains, ocean, and snow. OH and the occasionally otter playing in the water.

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[osm_map_v3 map_center=”60.44,-150.676″ zoom=”7″ width=”100%” height=”450″ post_markers=”1″]

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After running around Homer Spit to take some outfit photos and eating at a cute bakery for breakfast we found ourselves back in the car headed back toward Anchorage and Wasilla. On the way we made a stop at Portage Glacier where it was super cold, we saw a cute puppy, and I learned that I wanted to be closer to the snow. But the view was beautiful.

We found our selves at Cooper Landing and then before we knew it we were in Anchorage and we may have stopped into the mall and I scoped out the Sephora there. We made our way back to Wasilla and called it a day because we were exhausted and had one more day of fun to do!

14141707_10153741303555986_1683913016406838315_nOn our last and final day Alaina and I drove around Alaska by ourselves. We were on our way to Thunder Bird Falls we stumbled upon Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake was by far one of the most beautiful places we saw in Alaska. I mean look at that photo. Thunder Bird Falls was tiring but still beautiful. We then drove up into the mountains and found our way to Hatcher’s Pass which sadly the rain had rolled in so we couldn’t see everything as much as we wanted too but you can see the mountains and the view we could see was still amazing.


My final thoughts about my trip to Alaska.

  • Everyone needs to go. Whether you like snow or not you need to go.
  • Have your camera with you. I was lucky to not only have a ‘camera’ but my friend who is a photographer with me. So my camera was just my phone…. all of these photos are hers!
  • Take it all in
  • Homer Spit is a must.
  • I wish we did a glacier trip or whale watching
  • Be ready for rural areas if you are from a city
  • Breath in the fresh air

So when can I go back?



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