“If you’re thinking what I’m thinking…”

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Ladies and gents I have loved living on my own, own-ish I still have a roommate, BUT I get to dress so many amazing ways and I get to decorate how ever I want. Though I still have a little more of my mom’s decor style in my decor but the more and more I search on Pinterest and look on Facebook the more I love white and gold and colors! I also wish I could do a little more to my apartments but seeing as it is an apartment and I shouldn’t make drastic changes I leave it as it is but I may put a bunch of holes in the wall sorry landlord. My mom’s decor style is very french country with a lot of homie vibes which I love. But the only thing is nothing is pure white in french country and IKEA has made me love crisp lines and pure white furniture.

Which I feel sometimes is really cliche because every blogger loves white and gold and then of course colors! I mean why not. It ‘s so pretty and fresh and you can change out the decor aspect of the design easy because everything goes with white and gold.

You may wonder why I would be writing about this on my blog because well I rarely talk decor but it’s a late sunday night as I am writing this and changing up the decor in my apartment is all I can think about because I can’t buy makeup or clothing for another month. So decor and furniture it is! I have also thought about showcasing some parts of my apartment that I really like. What do you guys think?

Tell me about your decor! Is it all white with some flare? Is it eclectic! I want to know!!!


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“If you’re thinking what I’m thinking…” – The Wedding Planner, 2001

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