“How hard can it be?”


This was not the first outfit shot nor was it even an outfit that was planned but mid changing this outfit came out of no where and we decided to shoot it. Mainly because it was hot and I was going slowly…. Just kidding. It was because Nikki and I had so much fun snapping these photos. Big thanks to Alaina for letting me borrow a lens to take to the beach.

Shooting these photos was like old times. If you all did not know this Nikki was the first and original photographer for what was called Bees closet…. or something like that. I then mashed the two together and here we are today a discombobulated blog hahaha. Nikki was the one who got me to take pictures of my outfits and post them and she was the one that would find a way to take the photos from her bed.

“How hard can it be?” – What Happens in Vegas, 2008



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