Blogger Confession #2


Blogger Confession #2 came to me while writing this post about my first outfit in Alaska. I finally came up with Blogger Confession #2.

The outfits you see on my blog are not the outfits I wear on a daily basis. Well that isn’t 100% true because I do wear some of them out and about when I am feeling balls-y. BUT. Would you believe me if I said that most days when I am out and about I wear jeans and a basic tee. It is still something very different then what you would see people watching in Bham. Most people are either in a t-shirt that you would have gotten as a souvenir from a football game or concert, work out gear because it is all the rage in Bham, or you get the few that wear their southern sometimes preppy outfits or the ones that live in Free People. Which! I have no problem with but I just don’t dress that way!

So my jeans and a black or gray top or tee mixed with my cool (ish) tennis shoes still stand out. I love dressing up but I am sick. Sick and tired of people looking at me and saying ‘you’re dressed up?!’ because every time I want to answer with no, I just put time into my outfit, or no, I’m just wearing clothes. But being who I am I never say what I am thinking.

So though I want to wear these outfits out and about I don’t, and to be honest sometimes I don’t think about outfits until I go to take photos with my photographer.

I think it is hard sometimes to wear all the outfits we put together for a blog because well we love to showcase how far we can push our limits in our style. Well at least I do and amazingly enough I want to push that envelop even farther now that I have been to fashion week and I have seen all the different looks from other bloggers, models, and of course New Yorkers. I think there is a different feeling you get when you see the fashion in person you can see exactly how it looks and fits and you can see them actually wearing it in real time and real life. Because like I said I don’t wear some of my outfits out and about. And I don’t know if I ever really will while I am in Bham, I just cannot deal with all the eyes on me for one reason or another down there. I will never forget the first time I wear a basically black lip and this person walking just stared at me while I was on my way to work… Not a normal thing to see where I live.

So my confession #2 is all about how on normal days I wear normal clothes and though I wish I could wear fun and crazy outfits I am just not there yet. Maybe it is because I live in good ol southern Bham or maybe it is because I am not fully ready to be that crazy. So you will still see me in jeans and a tee and maybe even no makeup if you follow me on snapchat.


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