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{Angela Blake Photography}

To help give local brides and wedding frequenters advice on wedding fashion, Borrowed & Blue (the experts on Birmingham weddings) came to me for my fashion and beauty expertise. I am so excited to share my Q&A with Borrowed & Blue! Also you need to check them out because they are an amazing group of people who have amazing talents!!

“It wasn’t long before In a World of Bees, There’s Me became my first stop whenever the often-asked beauty or style questions arose in the office. First of all, the site design (clean, organized, intuitive) was a huge draw in and of itself. Then you add Brooke’s chic style, adorable persona, and savvy fashion advice, and you’ve struck blogger gold. That’s why we came straight to the source when it came to Birmingham style advice we could pass on to our brides. Borrowed & Blue might have all the know-how when it comes to planning Birmingham weddings, but Brooke is miles above us in sartorial savviness. So whether you’re a soon-to-be bride, groom, or wedding guest, get ready to glean some of the most relevant style tips out there.” – Stephanie, Borrowed & Blue’s Birmingham Market Specialist

Leslie Hollingsworth Photography

{Leslie Hollingsworth Photography}

Here’s my Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:

For brides who opt to use their own makeup, what are some great products you’d suggest? Give us a bomb lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow palette that you can’t live without.

You need a good base before anything and of course you should find the one that works best for your skin type. My go-to palette for brides is a tried and true Urban Decay Naked palette. They have such a beautiful application and color selections for all brides, especially since they have four you can pick from. But if you want something more subtle, I’ve fallen head over heels for Cliniques palettes. When it comes to blush, you want to stick to an almost natural color or a color that gives you a natural flush. You will always find one in NARS—they are the go to for blush. My go-to colors are Deep Throat, Sin, and Madly (if you can get your hands on that one). Lastly, lipsticks are difficult color-wise because every bride is different, but many stick to neutral pinks that either lean toward warm or mauvey colors. My favorite is a Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Marvelous Mauve. Stila Patina is also a go to color.

What about perfume? Any favorite romantic scents that would stand out on a bride?

I have noticed that brides and grooms love to get a specific scent for their wedding days because they want to think of their special day every time they smell it. For brides who are more on the classic side, I would go with Chanel, Chloe, or Tory Burch. If they want something a little more fun, Marc Jacobs and Stella combine romance and fun. Lastly, the most romantic scent in my eyes is Tom Ford—it’s a warm scent that just makes you feel sexy.

For brides who choose to do their own makeup, do you have any application tips? Tricks of the trade that will really elevate a bride’s look?

Go with more efficient products so you don’t have to layer on the makeup. I know we all want the flawless look that lasts all night, but you don’t want to look like we stuck six layers of foundation on your face. Instead, invest in a setting powder and spray. Learn how to color correct your concerned areas so you don’t have to add on so many layers of coverage. Know how to apply shadow based on your eye shape. You’ll notice a huge difference in the way you look when you apply eyeshadow correctly for your eye shape.

Part of a beautiful look comes down to great skin—what’s your skin regimen? Any special homemade tips or great products that you can recommend?

Being in the beauty industry, I’ve learned that everything comes down to skin, and I had a lot to learn. It has taken me a few years, but I’m finally loving my skin again. My skin regimen was put together with the help of my dermatologist and my lovely skin friends at Sephora. I wash my face every morning in the shower with an acne cleanser (and once a week I use my clarisonic) I then apply eye cream. Right now, I am using one from Algenist, my acne treatment. The next most important step is hydration. I actually have two hydration steps: Joise Maran Light Argan Oil and the gel moisturizer from Clinique. I always top it off with a SPF before jumping into my makeup. My nighttime routine is pretty much the same, except I do a double cleanse before all the treatment steps. I take my makeup off with Clinique’s cleansing oil and wash my face with my Foreo and Dr. Dennis Gross cleaners. It seems like a lot, but my skin has never looked better and I haven’t felt this confident in my skin before.

I am not a homemade skin type girl, but some great products out there would include the Foreo. It’s definitely an investment in your skincare routine, but it’s something that my skin has loved. Another item to look into is masks. I haven’t added many into my routine, but there is a mask for any and everything. For brides, I would suggest a radiance sheet mask the morning of, though I suggest you always try the mask out weeks or a month in advance to make sure your skin doesn’t freak out. Joise Maran Argan Oil is also an amazing product especially for my fellow dry skinned girls out there. It’s a great way to add in much needed hydration without adding on an overly heavy moisturizer your skin might not like.

In the end it is all about finding the pieces your skin actually likes. Once you’ve found them, you’ve struck gold, my friend.

Leslie Hollingsworth Photography

{Leslie Hollingsworth Photography}

Leslee Mitchell Photography

{Leslee Mitchell Photography}

Okay, let’s talk bridesmaid dresses. How do you get a dress that looks good on everyone? What are some good tips to keep in mind in terms of silhouettes, body shapes, colors, etc.?

Finding the bridesmaid dress that looks good on all body shapes and silhouettes is always the hardest part. I’ve noticed that going with a halter or key hole can be the most flattering. You also want to go for a natural waistline or empire. Or A Line. A Line will flatter everyone! Just be sure to keep all your bridesmaids’ body shapes, silhouettes, and skin tones in mind. When you look back on the day, you want to be able to say, “Dang everyone looks great!”

What’s your stance on thrifting accessories? Do you know of any great local consignment shops around Bham where brides can score their “something old?”

I am ALL for thrifting accessories because that allows you to save on cost, find unique pieces, and have a story to go with the piece. You can also find some amazing pieces that you wouldn’t have been able to get in a more traditional wedding boutique.

This question is more about personal style: what kind of bride would you be? Describe your ideal bridal look in four words.

I am weirdly one of those girls that never thinks of her wedding day, or at least I didn’t until my college years when settling down and boyfriends became much more prevalent. During those years, I found that I’d be a bride who wants more than one dress. I want them to be unique and very fashion couture based, and I want the entire event to be black tie. I want my women in long gowns, and my men in tuxes. Bring out those prom dresses baby.

Any other pieces of fashion/beauty advice for brides?

Always do a trial run with your makeup.

Invest in your photographer and videographer

Plan your dress and bridesmaids dresses in advance.

Go with your style for the dress do not listen to anyone else. You will know when it is the one.

Don’t try anything new makeup or style wise for any photos that go with the wedding or the wedding itself. You want to be your true self during this time.

When it comes to skincare don’t try anything new within two weeks of the wedding. You don’t need an emergency trip to the dermatologist before the wedding.


And that’s all, folks! Thanks again to Borrowed & Blue for reaching out. Be sure to check out their site for all of your wedding planning needs.


I hope you all enjoyed my Q&A with Borrowed & Blue and will now head on over to their amazing site and check them out!!! They are a must if you are about to start planning your wedding!


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