“But the heart’s not like a box that gets filled up. It expands in size the more you love.”

Today I closed a chapter of my life. A chapter I took on not knowing where it would lead me. This chapter you all just knew as my job but let me tell you about my job. When I graduated college, I moved to Birmingham without any job to live with a friend I have known since high school. After countless applications, two responses separated by months finally came through. The first one was to work as a retail associate for a local boutique that turned into becoming the social media person for said boutique. I accepted was so excited to have found a job with a small company in the degree field of my major and something I loved. Fashion. Soon after accepting the position, the second job appeared and allowed me to come on even with a full time position. This job is the one I am leaving today. I worked for the boutique for around 6 months and went full time at my part time position (luckily) a few months later.

The job I am leaving today is with Sephora.

A well-known company in the blog world and something I kept away from this little piece of the internet. I learned so much in the three years and four holidays working at Sephora. The most important things that I want to share are: one. do your best there is always someone watching, two know what is going on in the store and in the company, three remember who believed in you from the start, and four the most important one to me is create something at your job. Create an environment for you to grow or whatever you think you need. My store created a family. A family we all needed to lean on at times, a family we could laugh with, a family to cry with, but most importantly a family I will miss dearly.

Thank you to my managers who believed in me from the interview process and allowed me to grow within the store. Thank you for allowing me to be pushed and learned who I am as a person in a group setting. Thank you for allowing me to become a member of your retail family. Thank you for so much more.

A Special Thank You.

Thank you for bringing strong women role models into my life even if you didn’t realize it, you were all amazing role models. Thank you to the girls I got to train and get to know you guys will never know how much you helped me grow as a person. A special thank you to the last group, you made my last holiday so much better than I could imagine. Thank you.


Today I said goodbyes or rather see you laters to my store and to some clients I have grown to know. Its crazy to think that I will be on my way to my next chapter in a few weeks. A chapter that will start two states over in Texas.

Happy Saturday everyone!

“But the heart’s not like a box that gets filled up. It expands in size the more you love.” —Samantha, Her


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