Can I be Honest

coffee in bed sunday quote belle vivir


{Via Belle Vivir}

I am having a small writers block as I sit on my very hot laptop watching Ocean’s Eleven, I know I have some outfit posts in the bank just ready to post them just yet. Sometimes I wonder if I should be more planned out and more organized because I have been letting the wind decide what to post lately especially my makeup posts because ladies I have so many products to play with. I wish I knew how other bloggers did it. How they come up with these ideas because I need to start coming up with stuff without stealing/borrowing ideas from everyone I follow which is a lot. I also want to try all the new stuff out there for all of you which can be hard to do especially when I want to travel and cut back on stuff and fluff. So I am stuck in a rut. But as soon as I get through stuff sit down and plan out posts this rut or block will be in the past and we my friends will be back at me posting on the regular.

OH, a thought I have been having. I want to start doing videos again I would LOVE to do fashion outfits but I am still working that out in my head but what if I did a video every sunday called ‘Pillow Talk’
and I chatted about whatever topic you ladies wanted beauty, life, style, fashion, shopping, you name it. I could also bring guests along as experts or just to have another opinion on topics. We would film it all comfy chilling in my room like we were having a convo with our girlfriends hence the name ‘Pillow Talk’

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