“Can I interest you in a dessert this evening?”

Hey readers, so I am writing this in my 8 am and I was flipping through some screen shoots I had on my laptop and I can across some screen shots I had taken from The Everygirl’s feature on the sisters behind Georgetown Cupcakes, Katherine and Sophie which I need to go out and try!
The girls were of course asked a bunch of questions that went into their thoughts and advice on business. I personally found all of their advice to be important so I picked out a few I wanted to share with all of you!


InaWorldofBees, There's Me |Thank Goodness for Advice

{via The Everygirl}

I feel like no matter what you do in your life advice is advice and you can always take something away from it even advice where you are like I will never ever do that you still took something away from it, that you would not do it. What I personally loved the most about Katherine and Sophie’s advice is that it came from their ups and downs within their experiences in their cupcake business, which owning a cupcake business is an idea on my job list… with many other ideas, and even though they make sweet treats they were so blunt and honest in their advice they did not sugar coat it! Which I love! Advice is something that I see as very important in everyone’s life especially when you are about to take a large step in life, like graduating college. Now is the time that I want so much advice I don’t know what to do about it but still some advice is not for me but I still want to hear it. Because right now me and all my friends are going through a lot of thoughts and ideas and sometimes that I need to write it all down to take it all in. That is why I love checking out the feature stories on The Everygirl because I can sit and read and digest; I am not saying I don’t liking sitting down and talking about it, I do, I am just one of those people who works well when I can sit and digest.

Is there anyone you would listen to no matter what they say? How do you like to get advice by reading or talking with someone?

“Can I interest you in a dessert this evening?” – Ratatouille

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