“These go to eleven.”

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I feel like I haven’t talked about beauty products on here in awhile. Not that any of you are feeling like you were missing it and I didn’t know what to share on here because well I spend my entire day around makeup, skincare, hair care, and fragrance so I just don’t find myself wanting to sit down and write about it. But never the less I find myself obliged to talk about it because well, I see the ins and outs and maybe some tips and tricks that some of you would want to hear well read. 

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“I don’t regret the things I’ve done, but those I did not do.”

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Now don’t let the title fool you I am not stopping my skincare routine. I am more on the line of saying good bye to the pieces I will not and should not use.

I am a girl who never had any issues with her skin until she hit college and I am also that girl who didn’t do anything about it until she graduated college and started working in the beauty industry. I know have a wonderful Dermatologist who I can go see when needed and I have yearly checkups with her now, after having closer appointments in the beginning. I also love that my Dermatologist was very open to taking care of my issues the way I wanted to. Which leads me to why I was at the Dermatologist. I have acne. Not awful but it got to the point where everything I tried only helped for a little bit. I needed something stronger. So after a very good friend of mine suggest her Dermatologist I was hooked. For once all the guess work was gone and the pimples were soon gone too. I suggest everyone to have a Dermatologist to go to for any skin concerns.

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Like I said yesterday my makeup collection was too big for one blog post! I mean are you surprised I have way too much. So I had to split it up but before we get farther into the rest of my collection I wanted to share this amazing flow chart from MakeSpace this amazing company that helps you store those pieces that you don’t want to get rid of but they are taking up some valuable space that is keeping you from having that perfect organization. So to read even more about them head over HERE to yesterday’s post! Because they are so cool! The flow chart below helps you do one of my all time favorite things! Help you decide what should go, stay or be packed away! 

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When you are a person who likes to try way too much of one thing or you style just seems to flip flop so you have a little too many pieces for your closet MakeSpace may be exactly what you need. If I had heard about this awhile ago I would have plenty of these boxes filled because I have gotten rid of a lot to make more space. I am not saying hold on to those pieces you would never wear or you have grown out of or those pieces that should be retired completely. This my friends is for those winter pieces or summer pieces you are not wearing right now but will make their way out when the weather changes. So let’s talk about MakeSpace works. They come to your house with these very nice green bins take the items you want stored away, pack it all up for you and brings them back when you are ready! So what do you have to do? Contact them and then decide what items you want packed away. For more information, check out their self storage locations.

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“People love what other people are passionate about.”


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Besides loving a new lipstick every time I walk into Sephora and many other beauty stores I also find myself drawn to the blushes. I have recently refallen in love with these Clinique Cheek pops. Mainly because they are so stinking cute.

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“God I love this street.”


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New nail polish is always a happy day in my book. Maybe because I love nail polish bottles because I am a huge package kinda gal. The newest Nail Polish that I have recently added to my collection are these amazing Smith and Cult beauties. I heard about them from one of my favorite beauty bloggers Anna  and when I found out Gus Mayer had them I jumped on the chance and then they went on sale, so you can bet your britches I stocked up. 

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“People call those imperfections, but no, that’s the good stuff.”


A makeup collection will never look pretty if you don’t have the right organizers. Well if you ask me. Now there are many different organizational pieces you can pick and I know mine will change again down the road but for now this is what I like.

When I first started my makeup collection I would keep them all on my makeshift vanity and on this old shelving unit. Then when I moved to my first apartment after college I took my old desk from home with me and kept a good bit in the drawer within the desk-now vanity. Then my over flow grew and the Muji drawers were bought and I have a good little collection of drawers and other acrylic pieces to store my beauty collection in. Which I keep inside my closet out of sight hahaha. 

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