Like I said yesterday my makeup collection was too big for one blog post! I mean are you surprised I have way too much. So I had to split it up but before we get farther into the rest of my collection I wanted to share this amazing flow chart from MakeSpace this amazing company that helps you store those pieces that you don’t want to get rid of but they are taking up some valuable space that is keeping you from having that perfect organization. So to read even more about them head over HERE to yesterday’s post! Because they are so cool! The flow chart below helps you do one of my all time favorite things! Help you decide what should go, stay or be packed away! 

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When you are a person who likes to try way too much of one thing or you style just seems to flip flop so you have a little too many pieces for your closet MakeSpace may be exactly what you need. If I had heard about this awhile ago I would have plenty of these boxes filled because I have gotten rid of a lot to make more space. I am not saying hold on to those pieces you would never wear or you have grown out of or those pieces that should be retired completely. This my friends is for those winter pieces or summer pieces you are not wearing right now but will make their way out when the weather changes. So let’s talk about MakeSpace works. They come to your house with these very nice green bins take the items you want stored away, pack it all up for you and brings them back when you are ready! So what do you have to do? Contact them and then decide what items you want packed away. For more information, check out their self storage locations.

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“You’re not 10! You’re kitchen staff, kitchen staff doesn’t have an age.”


I was doing some much need internet searching I also realized how rusty I am I feel like I haven’t really stopped to well sit on my laptop which I guess is a good thing in hindsight. But one of my go to sites is The Everygirl. I don’t always read every post but I read a few and check out job listings. My favorite posts that they have is apartment tours and decor posts. Last Thursday I stumbled upon Sarah Schier’s Brooklyn Apartment Tour, and of course I was loving the photography of her apartment and her decor. But when I saw this striped wall and these shelves I was in love. What really got me was the collection of peach glasses on the top shelf.

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“What? That was on a Hallmark card we gave you.”

I feel a week of decor bits and bobs being shared on the blog with all of you. I promise I’ll try not to do any repeats from past blog posts but I know I love talking about displays and THAT… could possibly come up again. sorry in advance. So yesterday I talked bout white and gold and how that was a huge color scheme I have seen myself gravitate toward. Well, another design aspect is shelves. Either the basic shelf or cubed shelves which is BY FAR my favorite. 

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“If you’re thinking what I’m thinking…”

Home Office Tour | Monika Hibbs Blog



Ladies and gents I have loved living on my own, own-ish I still have a roommate, BUT I get to dress so many amazing ways and I get to decorate how ever I want. Though I still have a little more of my mom’s decor style in my decor but the more and more I search on Pinterest and look on Facebook the more I love white and gold and colors! I also wish I could do a little more to my apartments but seeing as it is an apartment and I shouldn’t make drastic changes I leave it as it is but I may put a bunch of holes in the wall sorry landlord. My mom’s decor style is very french country with a lot of homie vibes which I love. But the only thing is nothing is pure white in french country and IKEA has made me love crisp lines and pure white furniture.

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“Deal. All right. Sure. Okay.”

main.original.585x0{photo via Lonny and My Domaine}

So as some of you may have read I am in a no-buy for about 50 more days and while everything fashion and beauty related are off limits, a few decor and storage pieces that our living room and my room has needed. I did grab a lamp shade finally yesterday, though I am not 100% sure about it yet. Maybe because I have almost lived a year without one so that could be it also. But since I can’t purchase fun stuff I find myself all over pinterest and a little online shopping here and there no purchases I promise but I also stumble on decor bits and pieces here.

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