“I wanna go someplace where l can marvel at something. Language, gelato, spaghetti, something.”

{Kizzie Klaire Photography}

I know my trip to Dallas is/was on the shorter side it reminded me as I was packing how many times I had gone to Texas with just a carryon. Which is huge for this girl because when packing for a road trip I kinda go overboard. So as I packed my carryon for Dallas I took note on how I packed and how I decided what to bring and what to just say ‘you know I don’t need this’. I did chat about some tips for a last minute trip if you want to read some more! 

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“Charlotte: Let’s never come here again because it would never be as much fun.”

img_1852 I had planned out a fun cool video to have on the day I turned 25. But with my luck my iMovie decided to not work and the next thing I knew it was my birthday and all I wanted to do was get out of Alabama. I have been to Nashville one time before awhile ago and I heard it calling my name. So on my actual birthday my two friends and I got in my car and road tripped it to Nashville. We didn’t have a big plan but I knew I wanted to walk around 12th Street and eat a donut from Five Daughters Bakery. The trip was a fun one and I walked away with two new fun pieces and some fun new shops I need to hit up every time I go to Nashville. I was lucky enough to have my bestie Kizzie there and as a gift she took some photos for me. I have had a rough few weeks and when I saw the photos I was reminded of the fun we had. 

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“I’ll never get used to anything. Anybody that does, they might as well be dead.”


This outfit is filled with pieces I have had for years because this my friends is what I wear on a regular basis. A pair of Old Navy jeans, a tee from either Old Navy or Target, my Target Cheetah slip ons, a jacket of some sort, and the newest to the collection is my Nike cap! This is the outfit I wore on our last day in Alaska because we decided to hike and climb river rocks. So this girl wore her go to look and of course threw on a red lip because my no-makeup makeup looks does include a bold lip.

{Alaina Denean Deshazo Photography}

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“We are going to Alaska. Alaska, that’s where…”

007 Happy Monday everyone! This past week has been a whirlwind! If you follow me on snapchat @inaworldofbees and on instagram @inaworldofbees you would have seen some of the things I did while up in NYC during Fashion Week, though by the time you are reading this another week has passed by. I kept fashion week kinda quite compared to the schedules of many other bloggers but seeing as this was also another vacation for me I thought it was a good idea and I am very happy that I made that decision. 016

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