“Well, forgive my abysmal ignorance, but I don’t know this Jefferson Smith from a hole in the ground.”

It is Tuesday and I am officially back at work in Alabama. If you do not follow me on social which you should, I just went on my trip for April which was me in Chicago having way to much fun just being in the city of the Chicago Cubs. My love is on another level guys. 

This outfit is one of my favorite ways to add a spring staple into my not very spring or summer style. I wish I could wear fall outfits all year round but of course I cannot in the hot humid sticky state of Alabama. I mean if I was wearing this outfit right now I would be sweating my balls off. Though I am not going to lie I still wear my leather jacket all year round. My dream is to live somewhere where I can wear my leather jackets all year round and not sweat an entire bucket of sweat when I wear it. So I have to learn to wear something a little more spring and summer appropriate. This skirt is getting me there. It also adds color which is much needed in my current wardrobe.

Is there anyone else out there that just feels like they just do not like fashion in the spring and summer? Or is that just me?
I could wear jeans, long shirts, and jackets all the time. Maybe that is because I am a pale girl. Maybe it is because I don’t like my thighs or my arms. Maybe I just love to layer even though I am not a girl the fashion world would give the go ahead to layer to. So my goal for this spring and summer is to not only step out of my comfort zone and get some sort of color into my wardrobe but to also smart layer in those hot days. Then maybe learn to wear no layers and be confident in my own body. wow. I feel like this post has taken a turn to the body positive which I am all for and I might have one coming up later on so this post is more about how I want to wear stuff for spring and summer.

I know blush will be my go to for spring and summer and I am feeling a hardcore pull to embroidery for the spring and summer. I have seen some jeans that I would kill for, okay that is over dramatic, but you get what I mean. I am also loving thrifting right now so finding some fun pieces that though they may not be exactly summer or spring I am ready to rock them in summer and spring!

What have you been eyeing for those hot months coming up?

“Well, forgive my abysmal ignorance, but I don’t know this Jefferson Smith from a hole in the ground.” – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1939


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