“The greatest star of them all.”


p style=”text-align: center;”>I am ready to move in on Rainbow Row in Charleston. Also this is my new favorite outfit ever! You will see this outfit again!

I was suppose to share this outfit with the rest of the outfits that we took in Charleston which I shared at the beginning of April.  But.  This post posted on its own and I realized that I did not write a thing about it.  not. one. thing.  So. I took it down and find myself on May 3rd coming back to it finally.  because I suck.  Sometimes I feel like I suck across the board of life but I need to stop thinking about that.  So I am going to say I do not suck. I am human. I make mistakes. I also have to deal with the life that is being thrown at me.

So after that cat is out of the bag. Let me talk about the photos on this post. Because that is why I wanted to share this outfit. Isn’t it?
As I said earlier I love this outfit. I love these overalls. The best part was these overalls were one of those purchases that I almost thought twice and could have put back and now I wear them all the time. When I say all the time I mean all the time. There is a huge possibility that I have worn this outfit for another photographer and it will be on the blog again. They are just so easy and comfortable. Though you almost feel like you cannot make them look any different you play around with the add on piecers and you will be surprised. I do love the lace piece under the black because it adds that little bit of whimsy to the outfit. A juxtaposition to the outfit. Therefore, I love it.

Then we can talk about this beautiful little spot in Charleston called Rainbow Row that my sister and I stumbled upon.  During the trip we had heard about it from a design store called Texture Design Co, which we also stumbled on, but we never knew we would find it because this trip was so well unplanned. So when we stumbled upon it and found a pretty close parking spot I made my sister get out into the cold again and take one last picture. I am in love. I really want to take my friend Alaina to Chalreston so we can take even more photos around town but that is another rambling story for another day!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

“The greatest star of them all.” – Sunset Boulevard, 1950

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