“Regrets are a waste of time. They’re the past crippling you in the present.”

Day 2 [continued]: A scenic drive to Charleston we found ourselves checked in at the Comfort Suites actually located in Mount Pleasant to save just a smidge of cash. I of course was starving after a moment of relaxation on the hotel bed so we decided to look for places to eat. I had so many places suggested to me but someone is very very picky. Yes, worse than me. So I let her pick out a place and she found Sesame located in Mount Pleasant and it was by far the best place we had eaten at! I got an amazing burger Maddie got some sandwich. OH and we may have broken down and got some sweets.

We then found ourselves in Old Navy and Target because it was colder on the trip than planned and my sister did not pack a jacket so we went on a hunt to find one and we scored at Old Navy!

Day 3: The day Maddie was waiting for. Today we went to the South Caroline Aquarium. I don’t have many pictures from inside because Maddie and I just spent the time together though if I ever get the video done there will be videos from the aquarium. After about twoish hours we had made our way through and I again was ready for some food. My sister immediately remembered the spot on the water we ate at last time and really REALLY wanted to eat there so I obliged. Plus I wanted sea food and they had sea food. We found our way to Fleet Landing got some good food and maybe a drink [just for me]. After the good food we did my favorite thing. Shop + Walking. If you have not been to Charleston they have a main street that is filled up and down with shops and places to eats. Since we had spent some time on there last time we were in Charleston we tried to remember some spots from last time and tried to pick out places that were new [to us]. We found more jewelry for Maddie’s prom dress [her 3rd prom might I add] and of course found some amazing little local shops and I was in HEAVEN. I loved being able to walk around and go in and out of shops and be outside. I loved that it wasn’t that busy and we saw new things.

We found our way up and down King St. and to the spot of Charleston Fashion week which in hindsight I might have made Maddie go with me because that would have been super cool but I was okay with just spending time with my sister. After we stumbled upon the Charleston Fashion Week tents we decided to go back down a different street to head back to our car and found a super cool antique spot that had these Prada shoes I would kill for. And I am not joking. If I had money to spend they would have came home with me. I am half tempted to head back out to Charleston when my tax return comes in and maybe see if they are still there.

We made our way back to the car said goodbye to Charleston and drove back to the hotel, we did drive through some of the fun buildings on our way back! We then spent way too long in the hotel and got junk food for dinner because unlike my sister I cannot skip meals. Oh the college life. 


Day 4: Our last day in Charleston before we headed back to Alabama we packed up and checked out of the hotel and headed into Charleston. We got some donuts at Glazed, which was an adventure because we had well an interesting breakfast partner. The donuts were very interesting. Then I forced my loving sister to take a few outfit photos for me. We looked around King St, since that was were the donut place was and found a lot of college student spots for the College of Charleston and decided to do some more driving. Which I am soooooo glad we did because we stumbled upon Rainbow Row and we were so excited because it was so cute and so Charleston.
I see why so many bloggers find a call to Charleston. The feel go the city isn’t big like Atlanta let alone NYC. There is so many unique spots whether it be a shop, restaurant, or the beautiful homes. You get city and water. You also get the cold and the hot because this trip we were so cold my sister got grouchy, I learned a lot about my sister on this trip. Number 1 lesson: my sister hates no despises being cold to the point where she gets short and upset when she is cold for a long time. I may put Charleston on a place to live list because I liked it so much.

After Maddie called it quits on being out in the cold we switched to some comfy clothes and put in the gps to go home and we got on our way. Saw some more of Charleston on the way out and we hit the road hard. I drove about 6 to 7 hours and we made it home where we got to see our brother play in one of his soccer games and though I was cold I was so happy to be there to support him.

“Regrets are a waste of time. They’re the past crippling you in the present.” – Under the Tuscan Sun, 2003


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