Confessions of Blogger #1


{Kizzie Klaire Photography}

There are so many days during the week where I sit on my butt and watch Netflix while working on here trying to get something done. While I see other bloggers having the time of their life. I am over here like well while you have fun dinners, go to events, or just have fun taking pictures in some cool location while I’m over here braless and snacking on Cheetos. No really that is exactly what I did while I was writing this. NCIS is on and I ate two little bag of cheetos, I kinda need someone to plan my meals. This leads me to my first ever Blogger Confession : Somedays I don’t do anything fancy or fun but I make something up to share on instagram, borrow a photo from an outfit post, or not post at all. Don’t you have those amazing days filled with nothing share-able and you either pretend nothing happened or make something up. nope. just me?

When it comes to my instagram I always struggle. I don’t think a photo will get a lot of likes but it does and I think one photo people would love and nothing. Instagram is a funny piece of social media. I always have to balance out the real life and the beautiful snapshots I can get for instagram because though you may or may not want to see the inner workings of my life it isn’t always pretty. Scratch that most of the time it isn’t pretty. So somedays I borrow photos forms another post of mine thanks to my amazing Photographer I can do that or I whip one up. BUT. I do always chat more in my descriptions about what might be going on. So this ‘blogger’ life that I see other people doing I wonder how much of it is pre shot or prepped. Regardless I want my life to be my life and I want there to be beauty in it like what I sometimes share and everyone else shares; I guess I might have to start keeping my eyes open for it instead of creating it or start showing you all the true me.

Now I am going to go be more unfancy and un-instagram-able and wash my face before I call it a night because as always I have stayed up way too late and this chair is super uncomfortable.



P.S. I may have more confessions coming your way!

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  • Channing

    This is a great Confesional! I LOVE instagram but using it for my blog has always been a struggle. I feel la little funny posting things that arn’t happening that day… But If I stuck to that – never doing latergrams I would have to post a lot on the weekends and nothing during the week! Great post as its something I struggle with as well!

  • Briana Anderson

    I LOVE THIS! I am 1000000% with you! I always have those extra photos tucked away for a rainy day (or as we would say, un-instagram-able moments). The life of a blogger isn’t as glam/easy as everyone thinks! Keep doing you girl, this post is perfection!

    xx, Bri ||

  • Amanda Ray

    Instagram is definitely tricky! I love making my photos bright and pretty, so I spend the time to quickly edit before I post. If I don’t have time to edit, it goes up a bit later in the day. Great confessional, btw!
    Amanda |

  • Adaleta Avdic

    Instagram seriously frustrates me so much sometimes because the most unlikely things get all the likes, it’s so bizarre. I think it really depends on people’s moods to be quite honest, and what time of day we post. It’s all about mood and the flow of people’s day and whether they will like it or comment. It’s crazy! I like this series though, can’t wait to see more confessions 😉 xx

  • LOL! Seriously, you had me laughing and nodding since the first sentence. Not only because it’s funny, but because we’ve ALL been there. I have days when I force myself not to click on the ever seductive Instagram icon. It’s usually on the weekends and I try let myself live in the moment. Whether I’m enjoying my friends or vegging out on the sofa watching reruns of Kocktails with Khloe (don’t judge) 🙂 I love your candor. It’s so rare in the bloggosphere. Please keep it up!