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Fashion is a fun way to play, express, and to show you especially when traveling. I have the great honor to be a part of the #CosmopolitanChic challenge by Vegas.com for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The way I am going to approach this is the idea that a fashion lover has headed to Las Vegas and wants to play around with her style.

So when you normally travel you find items that you want to repurpose and use a few times in a trip but if you want to try some new looks how can you do that without bringing an entire luggage. Well that is what I am going to share with you. Let’s go from Day to Night and try something NEW!

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You start off the day at Wicked Spoon, which this place looks AMAZING! So you grabbed your girls for some brunch and bottomless mimosa action before hitting the streets for some fabulous shopping. The fun new items that you pulled out were some amazing leather pants and my new favorite item in my closet a sleeveless trench.

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You did nothing too crazy for the day, color wise and you still stepped out looking chic. The leather adds another dimension and texture to your outfit while giving you a really cool edge-y look. You also are comfy to shop with in the Cosmopolitan or even venture around The Stripe, but after seeing how beautiful the shops are shown below how could you not just stay there.

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After a lovely day of shopping it was dinner time and show time. Vegas is known for having great shows and entertainment. For dinner you of course can hit up any of the places in the Cosmopolitan but for me STK stood out so you go change up for the dinner before the show. For me normally a show would be very dressed up and classic because I am use to heading to the theatre to watch plays and ballets. But in Las Vegas you can see so many different things and go a little more less classic in my opinion.

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So you kept your sleeveless trench from the day just to add a layer to your outfit and you also kept the leather look but in a fringe skirt which I am LOVING. To add a little more fun you bring one pair of sexy heels which these red heels defiantly is!

Then after a fun night at the shows you have some time to relax at any of the amazing bars at the Cosmopolitan.

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Now for the night at the bar we pulled out our leather pants again and added a fun blue tank and a faux fur vest to be comfy cozy but totally chic and fun. And we kept the pop of red on our lips and in our shoes! Shoes are a good item to try to use as many times as possible.

Now I know that some of you would look at my crazy because this is three outfits in one day not including pajamas. But when I am out traveling and hitting the town like Las Vegas and if I hit up New York again I would change my outfit for events and fun things on our itinerary!

Thank you so much Vegas.com for asking me to be a part of this #CosmopolitanChic blog Challenge!

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