“Could you please remove any metallic items you may be carrying, keys, loose change…”

{top: Banana Republic | jeans: Old Navy | boots: Old Sam Edelman |
purse: Rebecca Minkoff via Gilt | sunnies: Amazon | necklace: Charming Charlie}

Photos by Kizzie Klaire Photography

I have never felt so cool in an outfit before. Maybe it is the leather top. The mirrored sunnies. Or the backgrounds Kizzie picked out! Or maybe it is the fact that I actually did my hair.

I do have to share a very short story about what happened when we were taking these photos. You might find it silly but I still laugh at it. So Kizzie and I don’t hide the fact that we are taking photos when we are out and about mainly because you can’t miss it. I mean you can’t. Yes it is strange in Birmingham Alabama to see a girl posing for pictures. We aren’t in New York, Atlanta, or Los Angeles to name a few. Especially when the girl does not look like she is about to graduate from any type of school, so there is no way she is taking senior photos. Unless you take your senior photos in jeans and leather. So this man and women walked by and I heard one say to the other. ‘Are they taking photos?’ I wanted to be like Nope. She’s just holding that camera for a prop. Yes. We are taking pictures and thank you for making me actually laugh for the photos. Sincerely a bhamblogger.

I have been stepping out of my box lately and and though this outfit doesn’t look too out there. Me wearing jeans and a short top is kinda out there for me. Especially the fact that it isn’t a long shirt that covers everything. Then adding on the mirrored sunnies which I rarely wear on the blog are actually stepping out of my box. That is something I really want to do this year. Step outside of my box. I want to explore my style and my fashion and I hope to share it all with all of you!!!

When spring and that warm weather comes along is when you will really see my play because to be honest with all of you I hate the hot sticky warm months. I would live in fall weather all year round.


“Could you please remove any metallic items you may be carrying, keys, loose change…” – The Matrix


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