“Deal. All right. Sure. Okay.”

main.original.585x0{photo via Lonny and My Domaine}

So as some of you may have read I am in a no-buy for about 50 more days and while everything fashion and beauty related are off limits, a few decor and storage pieces that our living room and my room has needed. I did grab a lamp shade finally yesterday, though I am not 100% sure about it yet. Maybe because I have almost lived a year without one so that could be it also. But since I can’t purchase fun stuff I find myself all over pinterest and a little online shopping here and there no purchases I promise but I also stumble on decor bits and pieces here.

Then I see how decor dumb I am some days. Most day. Every day.

I always come back to the same things though, when I pick my favorite pictures, white, display, gold metallic accents, and a bunch of mirrors and chairs. AND photos. So with those cluttering my apartment which is small by the way I see how decor dumb I can be because I can’t tie or bring everything together like I want to.

 “Deal. All right. Sure. Okay.” – Maid in Manhattan, 2002

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