“Love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does.”

It is the Wednesday before my next trip and as always I most likely have not packed and will throw something together late tonight which will cause me to get only 5 hours of sleep. I have picked out some of the outfits I want to shoot while I am there. I am excited about this trip because I will not only going to be able to actual see more of Chicago but I will be able to spend sometime with a part of my family that I recently started talking to more.  It is funny to me how quickly a relationship can be built and broken and maybe even be built again. I guess you could say it is easier with family because well you love each other no matter what. It does not matter that you have not talked in years, it does not matter that your parent did something, it does not matter that you moved all around and could not keep up with anyone. However, What does change is how much you like each other. Kidding. Okay maybe I am not because there are times when you do not always like your sibling or a parent but at the end of the day you still love them. My family and I had some rough patches that did not in anyway break our bond but made it harder to know how the other person was feeling. If you are anything like me you would totally get why I did not know how to approach people after the situation happened. It was just easier for me to let them do there thing while I figured out have to deal with said situation. It is not a new thing for me to lose contact with people, I was a military brat growing up so there have been plenty of friendships that have gone to the waste side. And if you are reading this by chance, I am sorry, but remember are friendships were back before Facebook and texting were invented. Wow that statement made me feel real old.  But back to the trip. Like I said I am super excited to spend time with some of my family members on this trip and reconnect after those years of less communication. Luckily, Facebook was around so I was able to keep up with them and know some things going on.  We have some fun things planned and I hope they are as excited as I am.

“Love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does.” – Kissing a Fool

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