A small truth

In all honesty I am not confident enough to be a blogger. and yes I hear your eye rolls.
I feel the confidence slipping away left and right not just here but in general. I do not have confidence in myself anymore so then how can I have confidence on here or instagram. Some of the confidence is gone because well I feel like I should be at a certain point in certain aspects of my life and I am not and in some cases I am struggling.
I am not a person who truly puts herself out there. I’ve tried to and a sliver comes out and then certain things happen and I wish I could crawl away again. But right now I am not crawling away right now I am taking time for myself. I am stepping aside and going to do what really makes me happy and this minuscule insignificant part of the internet isn’t making me happy. So like I said yesterday I am tipping my hat and saying farewell.

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