Feeling This Beautiful

Ever week I get two days off just like most of us whether they are a Monday and Tuesday, a Wednesday and Saturday, or a Tuesday Thursday we have those days off to achieve our Work Life Balance. But being in a newer city and still finding friends that well I can spend time with on those off days during the week is hard. I busy myself with chores around the apartment, blog stuff I could always be working on, or on many occasion lose time watching TV. But on some days especially my back to back days I feel a little well to be honest down. A little part of my shrinks away. I don’t know what it is about it, maybe it’s the fact that though I am a very quite person until you get to know me and I have found that I feed off other peoples energy. I love being around people. I know that is true because as soon as I walk in the door at work and see my coworkers any self doubt or sadness goes away. I know its partly my coworkers because I feel like they are my family and partly is what I see happen while I am at work to see the beauty that we give and the confidence that shines when people leave is truly a blessing.

I know I haven’t written a personal ‘musy’ my new favorite word in goodness who knows how long but today I felt compelled to writing it all down for someone just one of you to read and to see this amazing video that I was blessed enough to see at work. We are all beautiful and we cannot let anyone steal that beauty.

The beautiful young women in this video is Natalie Patterson an amazing Poet that rings truth in such an amazing way it is truly an art form and a gift! You will all feel at least a little better after watching this video even if you don’t work at Sephora.

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