“Gives it a little kick.”

{top: Belk | skirt: Thrifted | shoes: old | jacket: old |
purse: Coach | sunnies: Les Specs | lippies: NARS Anna}

Photo by Kizzie Klaire Photography

IMG_6355 IMG_6443 IMG_6417 IMG_6437 IMG_6362 IMG_6408 IMG_6405 IMG_6452

As you all would have guessed by now if you have been here for a few other outfit posts color is very far and few in between in my wardrobe and the more I clean it out the more color disappears. The only place color remains is in shoes, makeup, and a few pieces of jewelry. Now these shoes are the biggest pop of color any of my outfits could take. Besides a pop of color from a favorite lipstick of mine.

These pink heels and me have gone through many of years filled with Valentine’s Days and a Graduation Dinner. They came into my life as my first VDay gift to myself and I remember writing this post on Valentine’s Day though I had called it Single Awareness Day. I still believe the same thought but in a different tone.

I have had huge amount of things wonderful and interesting have occurred in my life.
But through it all I have had an amazing amount of strong independent woman introduced into my life. I learn everyday that I wish to be half the superwoman that they are today. I strive to see the world as they do. Stay strong like they do. Laugh and have fun like they do. Fall and get back up like they do. Allow people in like they do. I hope to be half they women that they are one day. I also wish to be an inspiration to others like they are to me.
Some of these women know who they are but others probably have no idea how much of an impact they have made in my life. To those unsung heroes. I thank you.


“Gives it a little kick.” – Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, 1971

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