“Progress. Not Perfection.”

Goodbye to Birmingham.
It is weird to say goodbye but I did it in style.

It has taken me a few days to write this post. I never thought I would live three years in Birmingham but I also never thought that I would move to Texas. Sometimes I dreamed of taking leaps and bounds to the north or live on a road trip mentality. All my friends that know my closet situation right now you can stop laughing now. You know what weirdly I still can. This is just another chapter just like Birmingham was. So today I officially say goodbye to Birmingham. I think deep down I wanted to wait to share this plus the move made me wait to share this just to see how Texas would be.

Birmingham, we had a weird relationship. 99% of the time I really didn’t like you. However, with a few very important friends that I made helped me see that Birmingham does have some hidden gems and things to love. The only thing I truly loved and will miss in Birmingham is the people I left behind. The amazing friends and family I created.

So today I shared a mixture of the outfits I gallivanted Birmingham in to say my goodbye to a city that showed me more than I thought it would.

A HUGE thank you to Isaac and Davonte of Sub Urban Creative. I cannot wait to finally share ALL the amazing shots they captured all through Birmingham including in front of Regions Field!

So goodbye to Birmingham and hello to outside of Dallas, Texas.

Photos by Sub Urban Creative

“Progress. Not Perfection.” – The Equalizer, 2014

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