“Great, we’re all bloody inspired.”


{top: Discount Dilliards | skirt: Banana Republic | purse: Vintage Dooney & Burke | heels: ALDO | sunnies: Le Specs | earrings: Burkes Outlet | lips: Sephora Collection}

{Alaina Denean Deshazo Photography}

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I started last weeks post off with one of my all time favorite outfits and then I remembered this one, which funny enough is basically identical except it has a black tank instead of a white dress turned top. I swear it is this pink skirt I grabbed from Banana one birthday. This skirt has been a huge staple of mine and you all are probably very tired of hearing me go on and on about it.

Now I titled this post Be Strong awhile back and now it seems even more appropriate for many reasons. Something about this tank or any tank I wear I feel like I am stepping out of the box because I am not a huge showcase my arms kind of gal. Even in the hot humid summers that happen in the south I will almost most likely cover up all my arms. As I am typing out this post I have long sleeves on and a sweater in reach mainly because it is super cold in my apartment.

So in this outfit I was strong and bared my arms and for once in my life wasn’t overly hot hahaha.

I always feel like I turn my blog post into some body positive life post because I am always reminded that my fears and questions are because of what I see and hear and when I finally look at myself with an almost new eye I am reminded that I love my body. Yes, I should take better care of it, too much dairy and a bunch of sugar will well is catching up with me. But at the end of the day I love my body. I love its curves, my high arch feet, my broad shoulders, my brows, and other small details. Except my fingers, if I could elongate my fingers I would.

I want you to one day look in the mirror and just see yourself as if you have never looked at your body before. See it in a new light. I know there are so many of you who have things they want to change or look at other girls and wish you had her (fill in blank). I overheard my roommate talking to her small group she has had for a few weeks talk about ‘natural’ which was about loving you for you. Loving what God gave you and embracing it.

I am not saying don’t eat healthy or don’t work out because those are some great things for you to do I wish I did them! But don’t go into it because you are thinking I hate my body. Be Strong. Love your body and say I am doing this because it is good for me, it is good for my body. Yes you will see some changes whether it is bulking up or shedding a few pounds. Love yourself from the beginning and you will love yourself from then on. There are so many women out there that say they will love themselves when this changes but when that change occurs sometimes the love for their body doesn’t come. So Be Strong step out of that box, love yourself, love your body, and remember we only have one so let’s take care of it.

Here’s to the rest of the week!!


“Great, we’re all bloody inspired.” – The Maze Runner

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  • love this skirt – anything pleated always catches my eye! it is SO important to love yourself 🙂
    Southern Elle Style

  • I love this skirt and your shoes!! This post is the perfect reminder of how important it is to love yourself 🙂
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

  • Amanda Ray

    That skirt is so classic and classy!! I love how it can be paired multiple ways and created totally different outfit styles! <3
    Amanda | http://www.TheChambrayBunny.com

  • Adaleta Avdic

    You have great arms, so rock ’em girl. Good on you for being brave, as I know it’s never easy doing something like that and exposing yourself to the world! xx adaatude.com

  • Briana Anderson

    Such a great message! You’re stunning! Those pleats are just darling and those shoes are dreamy!
    xx, Bri || http://www.Neutral2Neon.com

  • MarvelousintheMidwst

    I love this– you look great! I am so weird about my arms too, girl, I feel you!

  • I’m glad you’ve stepped outside of the box with this post. Your arms are BEAUTIFUL and the cut of this tank compliments them so well. I also love how the tank’s rich dark color contrasts with you gorgeous skin tone.