Hats Off!

IMG_4865 {sweater: Target ON SALE | jeggings: Hue | scarf: Francesca’s |
hat: Marley Lilly | purse: Rebecca Minkoff ONLY 1 LEFT!|
boots: TJMaxx |earrings: Vintage | lips: Rimmel Show Off Matte Lip Velvet}

Thanks Sis for Snapping These!

I found my way home this past weekend and my sister gladly as always took my outfit picture. It was a comfy-cozy-driving-traveling-throw-on-out-the-door outfit. I have no makeup okay minimal makeup on, covered up my sports bra with my scarf, and unwashed hair covered with my Marley Lilly cap. AND if you haven’t checked out Marley Lilly yet you need to, only if you like monograms because well that is their speciality. Yes, you are seeing me on a basic nothing day. This is something I have been wearing on do nothing days and yes on off days I wear a bright lip. This one is an amazing new one that I picked up at the drugstore recently and chatted about yesterday on my Makeup Monday! I love it, read more here!

I loved my weekend away though I was back at work Sunday. I spent two days at home with my sibs and my pups see them here on Instagram! Then I made my way down to Dothan to do some wedding things with the Bride to be.

Oh and I guess you noticed the lovely new lady in my life. I finally stepped away from the Mini MAC and original MAC and went for a bright new style from Rebecca Minkoff because I have a problem. But it’s okay, I know I have it. I was a little or a lot hesitant on the color choice but now that I have it I am really liking it though now I am in need of a lighter colored bag for like a light gray; any suggestions!?











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