“We are going to Alaska. Alaska, that’s where…”

007 Happy Monday everyone! This past week has been a whirlwind! If you follow me on snapchat @inaworldofbees and on instagram @inaworldofbees you would have seen some of the things I did while up in NYC during Fashion Week, though by the time you are reading this another week has passed by. I kept fashion week kinda quite compared to the schedules of many other bloggers but seeing as this was also another vacation for me I thought it was a good idea and I am very happy that I made that decision. 016

But you all will know more about that trip in a few days because I have my Alaska outfits to share with all of you! I may have said this already but my bestie Alaina who went to Alaska with me is a professional photographer so I mean that worked out perfectly! Plus she loves taking my photos! And who wouldn’t want outfit photos taken in Alaska with the mountains and the ocean.

This first outfit is one of the outfits I actually wore out and about in Alaska. I feel like there are so many outfits I throw together because I love it but in all honesty I haven’t worn it and I might not wear it because at the end of the day I do nothing but work, eat, and sit either on my couch or in my new office. I wish mainy days of the week that I lived in a city where I could wear fun outfits and not be stared at. Even wearing dark lips in Bham I get stared at.

So long story short I am super excited to wear something on the blog that I actually wore out and about.

036 023 033 018 009 019 022 026 032 014 010 This outfit is so darn comfy. High rise pants because you can’t go wrong and they are so comfy. A graphic tee that is beyond comfy from my Step mom’s tee shirt shop is under one of my favorite old navy sweaters. The shoes that I have worn to DEATH and I have to find something to replace them soon, sad day. The leather jacket I scored in the Nordstrom sale which is AMAZING. Lastly the one of the newer pair of sunnies to my collection the Le Specs.

Lastly can we talk about the cute little shops down on the Homer Spit! The are precious and I am obsessed! I could have spent hours walking around. I don’t know what it was about them but I just love them. I am ready to go back!


Happy Monday!


“We are going to Alaska. Alaska, that’s where…” – The Proposal

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