I Believe in Nashville

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset Wait Brooke actually went on a trip……. Finally. Yes ladies and gents I finally went on my trip and though I could get back in my car and go to another new city my travel bug has subsided a smidge. The best part about the trip is (ONE) I invited myself to go with a friend of mind (TWO) we didn’t plan a single thing! Besides one place we wanted to go (THREE) we did it in one day (FOUR) going with a friend who was up for anything.

So I am defiantly a big trip goer my family and I went plenty of times before and while I was in college. I am also a hugely seasoned mover if you ever need any tips. But something about this trip made it one of the best. Though I am not a seasoned traveler I wanted to share some of the tips I learned from my daily trip to Nashville.

{1} Find where the locals eat!
Side note my sidekick form this trip is from Nashville so that did help the trip!
But you should always research places to eat and though you can always find the top places on Google.com I find my favorite place to look is insta. I find my go to bloggers in that area and see where they eat.

For Nashville Kirby follows a Youtuber and found one of his fave places and that is where we ended up.

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Now to tell you guys I was shocked when I pulled up to the Riverside Grill Shack would be an understatement. We almost didn’t eat there but something told me, Kirby was all for it form the start, just do it Brooke. So we went we ordered from the little window where we meet the guy with the best customer service I have seen in most likely my LIFE! We both ordered a burger sat in the shade and waited.

To say that burger was one of the best I ever had would be an understatement. It is so good that I need to bring my brother because HE loves burgers to see what he thinks of them.

After, our amazing shack burgers we found ourselves at the mall, I mean we are girls what can we say and they have a LUSH. I am not head over heels over LUSH I like them don’t get me wrong but Kirby was in heaven and then we walked around to walk of those burgers.

{2} Shop with the locals

Walking around the mall was fun and we saw shops I didn’t expect to see in the mall, though we found out later that we went to the Hotty Totty mall. So after we walked through LUSH and Sephora we found ourself back in the car. Heading toward a more Nashville Local spot, for now. It is called The Soda Parlor and it is owned by the same Youtuber that suggested the burger spot. We went I didn’t drink anything and we walked around the cool old mill-warehouse-building it was in and saw more local spots to shop. IT was so cool. I love stores that find their homes in old buildings because of the old history being filled with new memories.

We also found the ‘I Believe in Nashville’ sign!!!

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{3} Don’t plan anything

By far the most valuable tip I can give anyone going on a day trip!

So if you didn’t grab from anything earlier but Kirby and I didn’t plan a single minute of this trip.
The only thing we knew we were going to try to do was eat and The Soda Parlor.
Not having things we wanted or had to do was by far the best decision of the trip because we didn’t feel rushed or flustered. We were able to do whatever we wanted and when we wanted. Though you might find yourself driving all around the city that didn’t even bother me because I got to see Nashville. We also found places I didn’t even think we would like on our way to this AMAZING doughnut shop, which thank goodness I am obsessed with screen shots on my iPhone or we would have never gone here, we past Draper James ~ Reese Witherspoon’s store! Which neither of us felt up to going to because we were exhausted at that point but it was so stinking cool and cute! Kizzie we will be going there to snap photos!

The coolest part is that we just happened upon it!

Back to the doughnut shop!


So I guess I saw Five Daughters Bakery on insta and snapped a picture and so we found our way to the bakery and we ate too much sweets because these doughnuts are more like a cronut in my opinion because they were flakey and filled with cream and just AMAZING. It leads back to the First tip because I follow Nashville bloggers I was able to find this local bakery and taste something so good it blew my donut place out of the water.

{4} Pick a great person to ride with ~ road trips only!

Kirby and I have known each other for almost two years and we didn’t know how much alike we are except in music and style. When you pick your road trip buddy you need someone who that will either switch off driving with you or will stay up and talk to you, unless you say it is okay they sleep or let them sleep.

Kirby and I were a perfect match because we both were so chill and relaxed. We also had too much fun on the ride up because we were just so excited to be out of Birmingham!


{5} Plan a good playlist

This is where we kinda planned and then flubbed on but it was still fun to watch Kirby cringe when one of my country songs came on and I didn’t skip it fast enough and learning how many country songs I had on my iPod.
But now I will know to actually make that playlist instead of just thinking about it.

IMG_6579 I could most likely keep on going if I stopped and thought about more road trip ideas but that is what more blog posts are for! If you have any tips you want to share please do!!!!

Also I am ready to go back and to find another city to road trip to!!! Any Suggestions???





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  • Darcy from A Memory of Us

    Trips are so fun! Glad you finally got to go on one and had a great time!

  • So glad you made it to Nashville!

  • nashville is such a good city. I love that it s trending.
    Southern Elle Style

  • Michelle Champalanne

    I love all your tips! I have been wanting to go to Nashville SO bad. Looks like so much fun. P.S. Love your blue shoes!!!

  • I’d love to visit the Five Daughters Bakery. Is that enough reason to take a trip to Nashville? 🙂

  • Adaleta Avdic

    I want to go to Nashville at some point, such an awesome place it seems and I’d love to explore it xx adaatude.com

  • Amanda K

    What a fun girls trip! I am going on a girls trip to Chicago this week and I am so excited! I would love to visit Nashville some day.

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  • Glam Karen

    First – your photos are so cute! Never been to Nashville, but looks great. And yummy – I mean, that donut shop. …
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  • Holy moly, beautiful photos, and what a fun trip!! Your lighting and backdrop is major #blogginggoals. Haha! Five Daughters Bakery looks so good – I’m so hungry now! Thanks for sharing <3


  • Getting ready for a girls trip to Nashville in two weeks. We’ve planned a few things but are going to wing it also!!

  • Beautiful photos!! It sounds like you had such a fun trip!! That donut shop sounds amazing!!
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

  • Marija Krosnjar

    Fun! I love Nashville – the live music is the best part! Looks like you had a blast!


  • Amanda Ray

    Nashville is so much fun!! I’d love to head there again! It’s been so long! <3


    Amanda | http://www.TheChambrayBunny.com