“I don’t regret the things I’ve done, but those I did not do.”

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Now don’t let the title fool you I am not stopping my skincare routine. I am more on the line of saying good bye to the pieces I will not and should not use.

I am a girl who never had any issues with her skin until she hit college and I am also that girl who didn’t do anything about it until she graduated college and started working in the beauty industry. I know have a wonderful Dermatologist who I can go see when needed and I have yearly checkups with her now, after having closer appointments in the beginning. I also love that my Dermatologist was very open to taking care of my issues the way I wanted to. Which leads me to why I was at the Dermatologist. I have acne. Not awful but it got to the point where everything I tried only helped for a little bit. I needed something stronger. So after a very good friend of mine suggest her Dermatologist I was hooked. For once all the guess work was gone and the pimples were soon gone too. I suggest everyone to have a Dermatologist to go to for any skin concerns.

I was at first even with my Dermatologist suggest routine added skincare bits that I got here and there seeing what worked and what didn’t because where I worked some of the products that we here Dermatologist recommend were not what people should be using. So I mixed in a few things and things were working great until one face wash sent my skin into little bumps. I was freaked out. With a scheduling conflict I had to wait to see my Dermatologist but I knew in the meantime I had to start using the most gentle skincare out there so my skin wasn’t irritated by anything else. That skincare is Cetaphile which many people love and swear by but in my work it was nothing special. The face wash doesn’t fully remove makeup… basically there are better things out there. Which there are. I agree. But with the help of Cetaphile I was able yo clear up the little bumps before I even made it to the Dermatologist.

I learned from that experience that I need to stick to what my skin likes, now this doesn’t mean I am never going to try something new. What it does mean is that I am going to be a little more strict and stedfast to my routine. With that decision means I am saying good bye to my skincare stash. I know A LOT of my close friends are going to love me for it but my skin is going to love me the most.

Here is my routine as of today!

AM: I take a shower in the morning mainly to wake me up but because I use ACNE FREE FACE WASH with Benzoyle Proxide which can bleach anything so using it in the shower means less tshirts with bleach stains. Some mornings I use my clarisonic depends on how my skin is. I follow up with whatever eye cream I am using, ACZONE which is a topical form my Dermatologits, and a very light weight mild moisturizer like Clinique Dramatically Different Gel or the Cetaphile gentle moisturizer which I love right now.
PM: I remove my makeup with an oil remover most nights but I do occasionally use a makeup removing wipe. Followed by a gentle cleanser like my Dr. Dennis Gross (NEeD TO GET NAME) or the Cetaphile cleanser with my FOREO. Then I follow up with a night time eye cream and ADAPALEN my night time topical. Lastly I want more moisture at night because the acne topicals can dry out the skin plus we keep it cold in the apartment. So I either add on an oil or an oil plus one of the moisturizers.

So friends if you haven’t shopped through my skincare yet let me know! Some bits have already been called so happy shopping!


I don’t regret the things I’ve done, but those I did not do. – from Empire Records

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