“I have nothing to wear”

I know I brought this up on my instagram lately because of a photo found with the saying on it, but I realized it is a saying that many people say whether you are into fashion or not you have those days where you just look in your closet or through your drawers or you closet room if you are so lucky and just stare at everything and all you can think to yourself with your favorite clothes sitting in front of you is “I have nothing to wear!” It happens I know this feeling way too often, I have those days where nothing seems like it is going to go together but you have somewhere you have to be at in a few hours or an hour for us college students. So what does one do to get past this feeling? Resort to something basic simple and quit frankly boring I hate those outfit days just because you gave up and your outfit is a sign of defeat and your crazy closet won. Or do you throw something kinda crazy hoping it works that could be disastrous. Or do you do what many people wish to do…. go shopping, and fill the hole that you know you have to make these days go away. Or if you are really lucky you grab some random pieces and they actually work and look good together.

Now I feel like I have done all of those options when I feel like those days where my closet just looks like a huge hole of nothing to wear. I defiantly have give up days those are days when I don’t have to go anywhere. I have days where what I picked out wasn’t the best, those days crush me and I always find myself changing half way through the day because that first outfit was not good. The option of going shopping doesn’t happen as much but this post makes me want to go shopping. Or my favorite option that doesn’t cost money is reworking something in your closet with something else creating a beautiful outfit that you can rock later on. These days I feel 10000% better then when I started looking into my closet. But how do you make outfits that work better? You see what the ladies of fashion and style are wearing it is really easy just google fashion blogger or go on bloglovin’ and you will find them all sharing their outfits so the rest of us have inspiration everyday from the amazing outfits that they can configure and put together. warning they will make you want to revamp your entire closet. As a reader you will have to learn how to take what they put together look in your closet and try it with something that already exists, like mixing bright colors like how I have been really wanting to pair a neon yellow skirt with a hot pink blouse hello spring! I got the idea from other bloggers. If you want my list of bloggers I gravitate toward click the {Daily Reads} tab above or right here.

So all of these photos above plus all the different Bloggers I follow, Tumblr’s, and Boards on Pinterest are what I search through on these days or to keep these days from occurring. I brought all of this up because I want to give you my tips to fix or break this feeling.

  1. well of course buy items to keep in your closet that are good basics, white button down, good jeans, coat, sweater, whatever else is a basic in your eyes, with some fun pieces that you feel amazing in and you can always go towards in times of need
  2. play with what you have on a daily basis, sometimes I feel like I am in a rut because I have been wearing the same silhouette all week and I need a change. So don’t wait until that day to play start changing it up now.
  3. look and take notes, well mental notes. Style bloggers know what they are doing and you can always learn from them.
  4. know what you have in your closet and if you seem to keep saying ‘if only I had ____” maybe it is time to go out and get it.
  5. clean out your closet more. I know this is a strange one but if you are constantly cleaning and then filling it in here and there you will always have pieces in your closet that you actually wear and pick out to wear normally
  6. If you need to try on and on and on. I have left my room with piles of clothes everywhere before I had to go somewhere because I was having trouble and it took a few times to like what I was wearing but in the end and after the mess I found an outfit that I agreed looked good on and I felt comfortable
  7. know where you are going and what kind of vibe you want to give off because you don’t want to feel like everyone is staring because you found a great outfit it just isn’t quit appropriate for this event
  8. Don’t forget about the details. You may be in a rut so you go to a boring outfit because maybe that time of the month has hit you so jazz up what could be a simple but a necklace or any other accessory: scarf, earrings, bracelet, shoes, pin could give your outfit another punch and change it quickly.
  9. Don’t give up. I feel like this goes with a bunch of the tips above. But it should be said more clearly and again. Do not just give up if you need a break take one. If I get stuck I move on to the next step in my morning routine which is normally my makeup, and then I go back to the outfit afterwards.
  10. Know your style. This is the one that I think is the hardest because sometimes finding your style is not the easiest thing to do. But once you find it even if it is for a season  you will always have something to look for which will make dressing easier.

I hope you found these tips helpful and if you have anymore you would add to the list leave them below I would love to hear from all of you! Check back tomorrow for a little nail action.

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