“I need some peace and quiet… or whatever it is people go away for.”

Traveling fashion. As the holidays are upon us and we have to decide what we will need to take where ever the holidays may lead, we all look at our closets and go can I just take everything? I am one of  those packers that either takes too much or plans out every outfit they bring, the latter happens slim to none plus I normally forget what went with what.  But as girls whom loves their fashion you and I have to learn how to plan accordingly. Because it is time to get on a jet plane.

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So of course when traveling many many tips come along and you learn a bunch from those that have traveled it will seem everyday. So I sat myself down and thought of all the tips that I have listened to over the years and any that I have tried.

The best tip I have ever found for traveling is to wear your biggest stuff, boots, comfy sweater, carry the jacket you are bringing, and hats. That will give up more room in your suitcase for more important things, or just for you to over pack.

Another tip is either roll all your clothes or there is a certain way to place them where they all fold on top of each other, as I type this I see that it is a lot harder to explain but if you have seen that YouTube video you would kinda understand I hope. Anyway the way they are packed allows the clothes to be more relaxed and they are less likely to wrinkle because there will be no harsh folding lines. Because the last thing we want to do on vacation is iron.

If you can get it in a carry on and small suitcase do it.One of my all time favorite challenges, not having to check my bags. The easiest time for me to do that is when visiting my dad and his side of the family in Texas mainly because I have stuff there shhhh that isn’t cheating I promise. With this tip us girls have to learn about the liquids when we don’t check bags. Being able to get everything in that tiny-itty-bitty ziplock bag isn’t fun but if you can do it pat yourself on the back. I have learned that investing in those travel containers is the best and most successful way to get as much liquids as you want in that ziplock bag at the right size.

The biggest but is the hardest tip for me anyway. Is editing. Just learn to edit what you are bringing. Do you really need three pairs of pants that look identical. Or those three blushes. One needs to know that you can’t plan for everything so you should just plan for important things. I have found myself to pack my bag a few times to make sure I edit at least a little bit.

Do you have any tips for traveling?
Any fun trips in your future?

 “I need some peace and quiet… or whatever it is people go away for.” The Holiday

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