I see Seashells

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View More: http://toshagaines.pass.us/inaworldofbees View More: http://toshagaines.pass.us/inaworldofbees
{dress | shoes | jacket | sunnies}

Photos by Tosha Gaines

‘She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore’

I have found amazing things at Old Navy for months. We all saw my little chambray denim dress I wore at easter but now I have it in a black and white seashell dress and I love it! Most people would pair these fun sundresses with a cute sandal or like most people around me with a certain pair of wedges but me I am not going to pair it with sandals. Because well that just isn’t me. If I wanted to be really outside of the box I would go with booties of some sort or even funky tennis shoes. I decided to rocked my Tory heels that are very business and pointy with lace and kinda makes my ankles look a little jumbo but I still love them, I’m going to blame that on the camera hahaha. But regardless of all that I love this sundress! It is so fun and flirty and I actually went a size down then my other and it was a little shorter which is okay for those warmer days! Though when the warmth and humidity come out to play I stay inside as much as possible. Me and summer don’t really mix at all. But we have to get through it to get to fall and winter again.

What is you go to summer piece when the temp rises and it gets sticky hot like here in Alabama?

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