“I thought I was your best friend.”

IMG_9590 IMG_9737 {Photos by Kizzie Klaire Photography}
{Cookies by Tiny Kitchen Treats in New York, New York}

My thoughts on the holiday Hallmark loves a little too much is that it is a day that should be reminding you to show love everyday. I also may call it Single Awareness Day on almost every occasion. I have called it that since I started college. I also started in college buying my own VDay gift which I have done all the time, unless someone wants to buy me one 🙂

This year my Valentines Day has a HUGE pick me up because of these cute little lip cookies form Tiny Kitchen Treats. I was so honored that they were up to sending me some cookies they are an amazing company with amazing customer service. And the cookies are cute and tasty. I would recommend them in a heart beat for cookies that are more than just good to eat. Because they make picture perfect cookies and as a blogger we want everything to be picture perfect.

IMG_9705 IMG_9722 IMG_9727

Valentine’s Day is always about love, pink, red, sweets, and for me lips.

So having these sweets to  snack on Valentine’s Day or after we took the pictures was a picture perfect way to start the holiday fun. Tiny Kitchen Treats cookies are so tasty and I was excited to read that they took their recipe from family members I don’t know why but it made me like them even more. I also love that they come sealed so you can keep them for a few months of course after you follow their instructions, which I am almost positive says freeze them but I ate my right after these photos so I don’t know how well they are but I assume they would be just as good. So besides making the perfect accessory in these pictures and the ones  to follow they tasted fabulous and I see an order coming up for something, and I will make a reason if one does not present itself.

Now. This weekend you will see a casual and formal date outfits though in reality I will be staying in wearing something more casual like the sweater you will see in my Valentines day home decor if you stayed home with friends, loved ones, or just yourself. I went very simple with nodes to the Hallmark Holiday. I pull out the kissed stemless wine glasses which I actually use on the daily. I grabbed some cute straws because who wouldn’t want heart straws and they were $1 from Target! Target for the WIN!! We also grabbed some Vday sprinkles to go with the Tiny Kitchen Treat cookies.

IMG_9638 IMG_9688

Now for my outfit!

I went super casual and super easy going with this outfit. Mainly because I didn’t feel like being all dressed up. This sweater I scored at a thrift store years ago and I normally save it for Christmas holidays the bow and red sparkles went fabulous with Valentine’s Day. I paired it with jeans from Old Navy, my go to place for jeans. And a bold red lip from NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, in the fabulous Cruella.
IMG_9696 IMG_9670
IMG_9654 IMG_9557 IMG_9735


“I thought I was your best friend.” – Valentine’s Day

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