“I wish I knew how to quit you.”

This quote can be applied to so many different things. One is my true love for baseball. Two my true love and itch to travel. Or. Three how long this skirt has stayed in my closet. No matter which one I talk about all would be boring to you all because you would either not care or would have read something similar to it on another bigger better blog. So I am actually going to take this time and tell you why I cannot quit this blog. So many struggles and obstacles have made me want to quit but I always come back to it.

I decided to finally talk about it with this specific outfit because one this outfit has so many other things that I wish (not really) to quit. I have fallen head over heels about baseball to the point where I am always checking scores and there is always a game on. My poor roommate has found herself watching TV in her bedroom because I take over the living room TV with baseball. I have also fallen in love with not on this skirt but leather jackets and no matter how hot it gets down here in the south I will continue to wear them. But I decided to talk about how I cannot quit this blog. No matter how bad my views are or the lowness of my likes on social media I will not give it up.

Becoming ‘big’ in the digital world whether it be blog, youtube, Instagram, you name it, it – in my opinion – is getting harder by the minute. So since I will not throw in the towel what will I do on here to make it more me. What will the blog look like in the future?

With the help of a friend who I beyond blessed to have in my life I will do what I honestly want to do. I will do series that mean so much to me. I will wear outfits I want to wear regardless of my zip code. I will travel and share. I will brush off my camera and start taking some photos for myself. I see a bunch of visits down to Selma to learn more about photography. Because I will not let the recent and past obstacles stop me. They will not make me throw in the towel. This is my little space and if you do not like it or you do not want to be a part of it, guess what, you do not have to be. SO maybe I need to learn how to quit friends that don’t support me and what I want. 

[Iron and Honey Photography]

“I wish I knew how to quit you.” — Brokeback Mountain


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