“I’m so smart, it’s a disease.”


New lips make the world go round. 

I will never have too many lip products and if you work with me you better get that through your thick skull hahahaha. Love to all my coworkers. So since I am always trying out the new lip goodies especially the ones that hit Sephora I though why not share them with you all! So lets start oldest to newest here. The Anastasia Liquid Lips, we got off on a rough start and I mean rough. The first color I tried and then gave away was Vintage but the color Ashton and Catnip (though I don’t own that one) have changed my tune! I love the formula it lasts a long time, I still have a little bit of bleeding on the darker colors but it is worth it because her colors are FABULOUS!

The next one on the list is the new Too Faced Melted Matte, I have one color because the other ones I want have sold out. I am in LOVE with the color Queen B and the name couldn’t be any more perfect. I will say the color is almost okay very similar to the Stila color Baci. I have both. It happens we move on. With this formula you get the same amount of matte but you also get a little bit of line filling because of Too Faced lip injection! You do have to watch out the formula doesn’t seem to be constant across the board. We did run across a few chalky formulas. The Queen B formula is perfect which makes me want to try more!

Lastly but certainly not least the new NARS Lip Cover! The newest of the bunch and the only non matte liquid lipstick. Which is a true liquid lipstick, because it is a lipstick in liquid form. They last forEVER and they stay hydrating. I would call the finish satin because it still has a glossy sheen to it through out the day but I wouldn’t call it glossy. We all know the matte liquid lipsticks last well these last just as well and wear better than some of the matte liquid lipsticks. Comfy, Long Lasting, Beautiful colors that will be expanded in the fall! What more can a girl want!!!


IMG_9483 IMG_9482


“I’m so smart, it’s a disease.” – Mildred Pierce

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