Kate Spade+ Bham Bloggers

Kate Spade+ Bham Bloggers Photo by Beth of Beth Cakes

Kate Spade+ Bham Bloggers Photo by Beth of Beth Cakes All photos by the amazing Beth from Beth Cakes}

I love being a part of an amazing group that not only has a bunch of men and women who I can sit and talk about something with, and it is always blogging related.

I loved seeing everyone at Kate Spade it was fun and colorful and I got to eat a yummy cookie. I also love asking and answering questions with fellow bloggers. Also just being all the girls from the group we got to just chat and kinda talk about what is going on in the blogger world. We just have a good time. I really enjoy taking time away from down time really and putting time into my blog and networking. I feel somedays I really need to step up and chat with more bloggers and be a bigger part of the community, but it is just hard when you work retail that really wipes you out after days on your feet. But we still need to push through. So I try to make it a point to go to all those fun get togethers.

Keep reading for a little bit of good news from Shopbop at the end of the post!! Kate Spade+ Bham Bloggers Photo by Beth of Beth Cakes Kate Spade+ Bham Bloggers Photo by Beth of Beth Cakes Kate Spade+ Bham Bloggers Photo by Beth of Beth Cakes {All photos by the amazing Beth from Beth Cakes}



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  • Kate Huijing

    Love these Kate Spade picks! xoxo

    Petals and Prada

  • I don’t know whether to be happy for you or just jealous! Some of my favorite things ever are from Kate Spade! Bloggers to lean back on are the best! I’m glad you have a good group with fun events!
    Southern Elle Style

  • These are all lovely photos & I totally feel you on the wiped out part. It’s hard to want to do MORE work after you get off of work, but to be honest with you blogging & making YouTube videos really gets me through the day. If it weren’t for these two, I don’t know that I would work as hard as I do at work. I mean SOMEBODY’S got to pay for all the makeup I buy, right!?! 😀 I’m glad you have a neat group to hang out with & discuss blogging things. I wish I had that, but alas Tucson is a small place and I haven’t found too many bloggers that have similar interests with fashion or makeup! xx

  • What a fun gorgeous place for a meet-up! How awesome to have such a network of blogger friends to connect with. I’m sure it’s a wealth of knowledge and support. I need to find that type of group in my area.

  • Every single piece is GORGEOUS! I love everything!

  • that flamingo dress is to die for! I love having a blogging group and going to blogging events too! So fun when you all have the same interests!

    xoxo Amanda
    The Miller Affect

  • I love being able to chat with fellow bloggers, its something that my friends that don’t blog don’t really understand. So its great to be able to bond with others over that! There are multiple dresses pictured that I want so bad!
    xo, Kyla – KyMarieC / @kycurrierlewis

  • I have yet to own something that is Kate Spade! I would love to an event like this and meet new bloggers!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  • Darcy

    How fun!! I always have a great time at blogger events.. it is so nice to connect with people who share the same interests!

  • I love connecting with other bloggers and talking blog! It’s so inspiring and I love learning more! I’m pretty new to it since January but connecting with bloggers makes me a better blogger for sure!

    I actually just went to Kate Spade outlet yesterday and my sister bought me a bag and keychain wallet for my birthday! So so excited about them!!

    xoxo, Nickie of http://www.nickieanddime.com

  • I want everything in those pictures! Haha I wish I was able to go to more blogging events. They sound like a blast and I’m always so jealous of the connections made there.

  • I am so obsessed with Kate Spade!! That flamingo dress is seriously amazing!


  • elleseesyou

    what a fun event and thanks for letting us know about the deals. huge KS fan over here.