“Can we talk football? Just football for thirty seconds?”

Wild Card weekend has come and gone. The steps to the Superbowl are getting shorter and shorter for a few of those hardworking NFL teams. I am also trying my hand at talking sports and being more confident in the fact that I kinda know what I am talking about. There is still a lot to learn my friends. Please bare with me. This weekend was filled with a good bit of tough games. Games that came down to one last play to the very last second. The teams left a lot on the fields and some punched their tickets to move on to the next. Let’s see what this weekend brings for the next 8 teams.

I am going to try to not show favorites throughout my sports posts but please forgive me if I slip. So yesterday was the coveted CFP National Championship played at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta GA.

The Dawgs came out ‘barking’ as commentators would say. Scoring 13 in the first half and running, passing, and swatting down the Crimson Tide left and right. The Crimson Tide needed something to work on, dropping passes, missing tackles, and not being able to run the ball stifled the Tide. In addition, lets not forget the iconic but not surprising field goal miss in the first quarter.

Halftime came and went and we were back.

The Tide needed something and they made a quarterback change to the freshman Tua whom can throw. Now the question is can the receivers catch. Nine minutes left in the 3rd quarter and the Tide scores their first touchdown of the game with Tua as the play caller. Nothing scares the Dawgs as they respond with an 80 yd touchdown and lead 20 – 7. Then follow up with an interception and the momentum was running with the Dawgs. Then before we could blink the Tide turns around and creates another interception. We had a game kids. Alabama was able to score a 43 yd field goal. Shocker we all know.

Fourth quarter came and it was 20 – 10. It was coming down to the last minutes to see which team would be coined national champions. The teams were laying it all on the field in the fourth quarter and we found ourselves with around 3 and a half minutes left and a tide game. 20 – 20. A missed field goal leads the Dawgs and Tide into overtime.

The Alabama defensive came in and forced Georgia to kick a field goal. Georgia responded with a resounding defensive plays sacking the Alabama quarterback Tua. Alabama was at 2nd and 26 and Tua threw a 41 yd hail mary to DeVonta.

Alabama the Crimson Tide are your 2017 National Champions.

The excitement from the players and staff are just amazing. Number 5 since 2009!

To the Georgia Bulldogs: what an amazing season! We cannot wait to see what this season and ending brings to your 2018 season. Let it fuel you. Let it drive you.

Tua. What a remarkable young man. Thanking his teammates and God.

“I have a question was that a good game or what?” – Nick Saban

You cannot deny that the Bulldogs and Tide brought an amazing game that was beyond worth staying up this late.

Though after looking through NBA rankings you would want me to talk about, you know, the teams. I am not fully wrapped into the NBA – just yet – there is still I have to learn. I have heard a lot about the stars because well if you follow ESPN you cannot miss it. You also cannot miss the topics of the players vs the refs and LaVar Ball’s comments. I have some learning to do when it comes to the world of the NBA.

By far maybe the most eye catching sports to have on, there is always something going on. I will not lie I lose the puck a good bit of the time. Still learning over here and I love being able to see how the teams play and which ones have the heart till the end. At the end of the day I care about the team that has the heart and will to win even if they are paid to play the game.

Lastly we are a month away from the winter olympics. I am beyond excited! The Winter Olympics 4 years ago is what truly started my love for all sports not just the crimson tide.

“Can we talk football? Just football for thirty seconds?” – Draft Day, 2014

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