Like I said yesterday my makeup collection was too big for one blog post! I mean are you surprised I have way too much. So I had to split it up but before we get farther into the rest of my collection I wanted to share this amazing flow chart from MakeSpace this amazing company that helps you store those pieces that you don’t want to get rid of but they are taking up some valuable space that is keeping you from having that perfect organization. So to read even more about them head over HERE to yesterday’s post! Because they are so cool! The flow chart below helps you do one of my all time favorite things! Help you decide what should go, stay or be packed away!  Makespace_clutter_flowchart_v04-2

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My makeup vanity has gone through plenty of changes but the one thing that will never ever change is the white color of my desk and this mirror I scored at America’s Thrift Store. Instead of going into super detail about the top of my vanity I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces. One of them being this vintage flower pot thing I obviously do not know its technical name I scored it in college and it has been the perfect holder for my brows, eyeliners, lip liners, eye brushes, contour/highlight brushes, and of course concealer brushes. I love that it is small, white, and unique. The next favorite is the three jar class containers; one contains all the cotton you need in the makeup industry and the other contains of course lip products, my mini products, and a few collection pieces of beauty. I love the clear classic shape of them and the ease of use.

Now I have an old snapshot from Instagram showing a look into my everyday makeup drawer within my vanity. This is probably the most changing section of my collection from rotation of products to how I organize it. Right now I think I really love how I organized it! Again the clear containers were scores from my work place. I organize my drawer but steps of the face so foundations are together, blushes, mascara, etc. everything is paired with like products.

Lastly I wanted to share some of more ‘display’ areas in my room one being little cake stands holding nail polish and then this glass and metal table which displays some more everyday pieces including my perfume collection and my jar of hair ties because I am always losing them or stealing them from coworkers. These areas are more on the display side so I keep them very design and decor oriented and as simple as I can be. Which is where I really love the idea of MakeSpace. I love that they come and take those items that make your space feel cluttered or overbearing and make it more on that simple side which allows you to have a more calm area which in turn makes you a calmer person. Ever since I started my huge clear outs I have felt more at piece with my life in general. If I had known about MakeSpace I would have packed up the few items I sent home so they were in a better area then stuffed in a closet but you live and you learn about new things! So if you are in need of making space check out right here for MakeSpace self storage locations! You will be a happy camper!

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I don’t know if I am sad to say this or proud to say this but there are still bits that didn’t make the post because it was just getting to be a little too much. I have my highend lipsticks on my dresser, my nighttime skincare on my nightstand, and of course my bathroom storage but luckily you can see that right HERE!

I hope you enjoyed a deep-ish look into my makeup collection and storage. I am a stickler for organization and using space to its highest potential. If you have any tips and tricks you wanted to share I would love to hear!!! Also don’t forget to check out MakeSpace especially if you live in those more crowded cities! Happy Wednesday!!!


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  • Chelsea DiMarco

    I’m always looking for new ways to organize, especially all of my makeup. Definitely going to use some of these ideas! Great post 🙂

  • I love these storage ideas! I need to do some major organizing of my own!
    Fizz and Frosting

  • Holy cow Brooke you seriously have so much makeup! I love your storage ideas! When I’m going through clothes I always make my sell and donate piles but first I let my friends go through what they want first! ha

    Taylor |

  • You got a lot of makeup but you organize it so well!!! I don’t have much make it so it just sits in a little bag in my bathroom lol! Great share Brooke!

  • While I do not have a lot of makeup, I do have a lot of furniture and clutter. We are moving in the next 1-3 months, so I really need to go through my house and LET GO! This chart will help make the process easier.

  • I cleaned out my makeup collection a while back and what I have left is organized in little drawer dividers I got at the dollar store. I love the way that you have displayed some of your stuff!! It’s such a great use of space.
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

  • love this! a friend gave me that stacker and i wasn’t sure whether to fill each layer with different sprinkles or put it in my bathroom, bahaha.
    Southern Elle Style

  • Marija Krosnjar

    Your make-up collection is to die! I love how you have it organized throughout the house! So creative!


  • Amanda K

    You have such a great make-up space! I love all the gold.

    Amanda ||

  • You’ve just made it SO easy to do 2 of my favorite things… Organize and make lists. Thank you for posting such amazing categories in which to place our stuff. I would have never thought to do it this way.

  • Girl, I definitely need to get myself organized like this!

    Molly | Hey There Sunshine