When you are a person who likes to try way too much of one thing or you style just seems to flip flop so you have a little too many pieces for your closet MakeSpace may be exactly what you need. If I had heard about this awhile ago I would have plenty of these boxes filled because I have gotten rid of a lot to make more space. I am not saying hold on to those pieces you would never wear or you have grown out of or those pieces that should be retired completely. This my friends is for those winter pieces or summer pieces you are not wearing right now but will make their way out when the weather changes. So let’s talk about MakeSpace works. They come to your house with these very nice green bins take the items you want stored away, pack it all up for you and brings them back when you are ready! So what do you have to do? Contact them and then decide what items you want packed away. For more information, check out their self storage locations.

Makespace 1Makespace 3 Makespace 7 Makespace 2

Now MakeSpace is a all about storage they also love great organization and storage within the home! So my most asked for and my most favorite thing to organize is…. can you guess it? My makeup and skincare.

So my number 1 rule with my makeup collection is a few things. I have to be able to see all of it hence none of those famous alex drawers from ikea and it has to be white, clear, or a pretty metal color. My number 2 rule is to keep like things together. Lastly. Have a section of faves which are located at my vanity and then having a back stock, which you get to see below.

So in my tiny little closet in my tiny old apartment the Target cube selling unit was perfect for my makeup collection. It wasn’t too tall so I had a long flat surface and my Muji acrylic drawers fit perfectly! Plus it allowed me to display my collection while storing it which makes me want to use it more. You will notice through the close ups I have a lot of acrylic pieces separating and organizing my collection. I wish I had a link to all of them sadly I only have a few places you all can get acrylic from which is Muji for drawer units and yes you should pay that amount for them because the quality is fabulous and you will not regret it! Also TJMaxx and HomeGoods are fabulous and have some unique pieces and lastly Amazon has great pieces and some of the top selling brands. Now I know you are thinking Brooke, where did you get your’s from? I am lucky enough to work for a company who changes out their displays a good bit and instead of letting them toss out the old acrylic pieces I take them off their hands. It is fabulous because I get new pieces here and there which allow me to tweak my organization and make it even better!

My favorite part of my back stock is my lips and my palettes. Mainly because they are both super pretty and I have way too many of them so I had to get smart. My palettes are on the top row flanking a lipstick display. On one side I have all my NAKED palettes and a few more iconic palettes and on the other side you find a variety of palettes from Buxem to Tarte. But then of course you come to the middle my lipsticks. Now my favorite highend lipsticks are kept in a more display worth glass piece on my dresser. So in the display are some of my all time favorite lipstick lines, NARS Audacious, MAC, the old Urban Decay which I think I may like more than the new ones shhhhh don’t tell anyone. Then back behind those I found this black acrylic piece at work and it is  the only one I have because it fits my Colourpop liquid lipsticks, Anastasia liquid lipsticks and a few others perfectly!

Following the lipstick we drop down to the bottom left side and you find my Muji drawers basically filled with even more lip products. I am very happy to say I have made my collection smaller though it is still really big. In the top two drawers I have too many mascaras, eyeliners, and brow products. Then the rest of the drawers are lip products like Kat Von D liquid lipsticks, Colourpop lippie sticks, OFRA, NYX, and so many more. I like to organize my lipsticks by brand because I always think I want to wear this brands color versus I want to wear a red. Now the middle cube on the bottom has a jewelry box and a box from my little both hold some memory pieces that I just can’t get rid of and notes from my mom. Both are a great piece of decor for my organization. Lastly the next set of MUJI drawers have all face products including my brush overflow. The house compacts of bronzer, highlight, and then my overflow of blushes have an amazing divider on top the drawers which would be perfect inside those famous alex drawers from IKEA. So that is my back stock simplified because I didn’t want to talk off your are anymore than I already have. Now take an actual look into my collection! And don’t forget to check out MakeSpace and there might be more coming to the blog tomorrow so keep scrolling to find out!!

IMG_0246 IMG_0259 IMG_0257 IMG_0249 IMG_0252

I hope you like the look into my back stock and I hope you are ready to see even more tomorrow!!
Because my collection and storage are super large and in many places I am splitting this post into two. So here is a sneak peek to tomorrows section!

{Photos of my collection and storage by Kizzie Klaire Photography}
{Photos via MakeSpace}




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