“People call those imperfections, but no, that’s the good stuff.”


A makeup collection will never look pretty if you don’t have the right organizers. Well if you ask me. Now there are many different organizational pieces you can pick and I know mine will change again down the road but for now this is what I like.

When I first started my makeup collection I would keep them all on my makeshift vanity and on this old shelving unit. Then when I moved to my first apartment after college I took my old desk from home with me and kept a good bit in the drawer within the desk-now vanity. Then my over flow grew and the Muji drawers were bought and I have a good little collection of drawers and other acrylic pieces to store my beauty collection in. Which I keep inside my closet out of sight hahaha. I have tried many different layouts and organization and the more I change the more I learn about what I like in a vanity and makeup collection organization. I have learned that I have to see a good bit of products which is why I like the Muji drawers over the highly talked about IKEA drawers that are white and either wide and short or tall and slender. The IKEA drawers are beautiful and are amazing for organization and if all I did was review products and receive products I would have thought about getting them. However, seeing that I increase my own collection most of the time I wanted a layout and organization that I could see through. I also have learned and fought with the fact that I would rather have almost nothing on my vanity but a few little containers but alas in this world I have a lot of things on my vanity from jars of brushes to my Clarisonic charging. I would be okay with it if my vanity was a little bit longer and there was more room for the amount of pieces I had on it but again I am making it work.

So my go to organization is clear acrylic and white pieces here and there. The white pieces are normally the bigger furniture pieces i.e. my desk which I have had since well I can’t remember and a cube organizer which side note I am obsessed with cube organizers. Everything else is mainly clear acrylic or glass. There are also a few bits of thrifted cups for my brushes which are great sizes but mix up the color scheme. Also my mirror adds the perfect bit of chic because it is actually a beveled mirror that you would normally put on the wall in a kitchen that I found at America’s Thrift Store at a fabulous price. But back to the Acrylic pieces.


I love Acrylic because I can see everything and it keeps everything straight and there is rarely any layering which again allows me to see everything. I have about four or five sets of drawers from Muji which if you want great quality acrylic at not a too high of a price these are the drawers for you! I have seen a bunch of other drawer designers or they call them boxes. Which I bet they are just as great of pieces I just have not tried them because I have fallen head over heels for Muji and I just didn’t want to change. Now for everything else I am very lucky that my job uses acrylic pieces for beauty products and changes them out here and there so when they are throwing them out I do a little shopping and I have used those here and there in my apartment and of course through all of my collection. The one drawer in my vanity/desk is organized with acrylic pieces from my job and they do change out as new ones come into my possession. I have heard that the Muji organizers that are not a clear plastic are also really good to organize large drawers with.

At the end of the day I do change out my organization on a almost monthly bases. I have this thing where I want to rearrange or reorganize because it is a change I can control plus it kinda makes it look like you have all new stuff but at the end of the day you haven’t spent any money just time.

I could probably talk for hours about what I feel and do for organization in my little old apartment but at the end of the day you and I should do what is best for our area and our collection. Somedays I still don’t like the layout or the placement of things because they aren’t easily accessible or visible all the time, especially since the majority of my collection sits in my closet which is closed while I apply makeup. I would love an area that I could see majority of my pieces but without them being clutter-y. I have started to hate clutter. I use to be all about showing everything but I have learned that it is just too much and I can’t tell what to clean and what not to clean.

I would also like to know what you like or dislike about your makeup organization?

IMG_9501 IMG_9496


“People call those imperfections, but no, that’s the good stuff.”
—Sean Maguire, Good Will Hunting

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  • I love makeup and seeing everyone else’s collections! Super jelly of all your KVD liquid lipsticks! ❤


  • Steph Wolfred

    I totally want all of those Kat Von D lip colors. That’s amazing. Also organization is so critical! Thank you for sharing.

  • OMG your collection is insane!!! Brooke my entire makeup bag is like 10 things! haha

    Taylor | http://www.styleiseverythingblog.com

    • I know 🙈 it’s crazy and to think this only part of my lipstick collection. I wish my collection was only 10 things but I love makeup too much hehehe.


  • I don’t have enough makeup to do something like this, but it is perfection! so nice and neat:)
    Southern Elle Style

  • Wow. I am so impressed with how pretty your makeup storage is! Mine is literally all shoved in a drawer. I need to step up my game!
    Fizz and Frosting

  • You have a lot of makeup! I just have a few pieces. I love how organized you are!

  • Wow! Your collection looks like a well stocked boutique. I have a few items I keep tossed into an old LV makeup bag. I’m definitely taking notes!