Hello Makeup Monday! How is everyone doing on this fine Monday. Today I am doing two bridal  looks a simple classic dress and old hollywood glam. Rocking the bold lip and a cat eye. And a fun gown with a color to add a twist with a fun colorful lip!

Naked Basics 2 | NARS Contour Blush | Lancom Hypnose Drama | NARS Audacious Lipstick | Dior Nail Polish Pied-De-Poule 206 |
Tarte Blush in Blissful | Dior STAR Foundation | Stila Liquid Liner

So here is what I would do. Start off with the base I only included a new foundation by Dior above because I have heard some great reviews from it but when itv oems to the base you need to find the formulas that work best with your skin. So I focused on the finishing touches. Now a rule of thumb is to not go out of your everyday wear just take it up a small notch. The first dress I chose from loverly is a simple dress that will always allow you to shine. My favorite detail about it is the sheer panel on the chest which gives you a different look at straps. It is simple and chic!! I picked this dress because of the simplicity of the silhouette and I have loved this idea of the sheer panel taking this strapless dress and adding a unique ideas of sleeves. The dress also has this almost no hassle easy to it with the fabric choice of the dress. It is just an amazing dress I could go on and on about this beautiful gown!!

But now on to the makeup!

Because the dress makes me think about classic and chic old hollywood glamor came to mind. So I thought a simple eye just making the count our of the eye bone be more defined and a beautiful cat eye would be all you needed on the eyes besides some great full lashes and a great brow. Also go simple with the contour and blush so I grabbed the long lasting Tarte Blush and the amazing NARS Contour Blush again going simple. Just make sure you hit the right spots the contour area and the apples of the cheeks. Then use the lighter color as a highlight or if you want more shimmer your highlight is where you should add it here. Now for the fun part. The red lipstick. When picking your red it needs to be matte. I am just going to ahead and say that. Because you want it to last all night LONG!

Now on to this Show stopper!

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation | NARS Audacious Lipstick in Fanny | Marc Jacobs in The Dreamer |
NARS Eyeliner | Bobbi Brown Bronzer | Laura Mercir Highlighter | NARS Blush

Now this is a show stopper dress! Before we jump into the makeup lets talk about the dress itself. This is a dress for the bride who wants to make a statement and knows how to have fun with her style. And is okay with a little color on her gown. Now the purple color
Is a very unique color to add to a wedding gown. I personally love it though I wouldn’t wear it on my big day, color wise. Silhouette and the amazing detail on the bottom is AMAZING!!! It is a fun but sophisticated dress with a twist and I love it. Also as I type this the color is even growing on me!! Now on to the makeup! So to make sure that you don’t get lost in the fun color of these dress we are going to play up on some fun eyeshadows and a similar color for your lipstick which will be a great change from the basic nude or red lips.

So again go for a great base and make sure you have prepped the skin that is something very important for this day no matter what look you are going to go for. Then make sure to sculpt the face with your bronzer and highlighter and then add a little color to the checks. With this gorgeous dress you can play with a fun smokey eye and a bright lip.

I couldn’t be happier with the inspiration I found at Loverly and being able to create these amazing makeup looks to go with these amazing dresses! If you are planning a wedding or just love to look Loverly is the place to look! So go on over and see all the amazing stuff they have!!!

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